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Well hello there dayzrp Community!

Yesterday I had my first day in the world of Chernarus, in regards to playing it on dayzrp´s servers. I have so to speak come down from the mountains far up north to see whats going on in the mainland.

It being my first day in dayzrp, as well as doing rpíng at all, I was excited to see what would happen to me. And I must say, I was amazed about what I experienced! I had an absolute blast with all the guys I met yesterday (My name is Tomas Kozak, if anyone remember meeting me)

So I just want to say thank you for the amazing first day I had yesterday, thank you to the people I met for having their patience with my in my first experience with rp'ing. And to the ones of you I dident meet, I will meet you at some point, thats for sure!

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Well hello there! Welcome to the community! Glad you had a good time on your first day. That's what I love about dayzrp - every day turns into some adventure. Anyway, if you need help, ask me or any of the lovely staff :). Good luck out there!

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