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Hello everyone, today is a different post then i normally post. Usually i post preaches that my character Jack allan preaches. But today im going to reveal my IRL side and a bit of my personal life. First of all, my IRL name is Connor. And to get everyone on the same page here, i chose jack for my In game name is becouse one of my friends who Died in the Military was named Jack. IRL i go to high school, i come home and usually help out with my families Business, we own a farm. We produce Soybeans and Corn. We also Own a various amount of Hogs and Cows. I don't know much about Science, or Math, just enough to get by in high school. One of my main goals in life is to Join the Marines when i graduate high school. Which means i need to do intence training, which recently, i've been lifting alot more weights, which leaves less and less time to use a computer. No, I'm not leaving, but im here to tell you all i wont be on as much. I also recently have started learning a few tunes on gutair, i even played a song at prud before we were all robbed and then i got killed trying to run away. But as you should probobly understand by now, i won't be on as much. So for the next 2 years of my life, I will be training. I will still try to get on daily. (At night) But just not as much. Also if you would like to hear me play a few songs on my gutair, next time i figure out where camp prud is at, i will RP me having a gutair and playing it. Thanks for the Great Times on DayZRP guys, I'll be on soon enough again!

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Understand the situation, hope you have much luck with you getting prepared for the army, if you want the easier more sugar coated route I would recommend taking a look into the Air Force, though you will still need to be in shape. Grats/good luck to you.


Micah S.

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