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I visit Camp Prud a lot. It's fun to meet people from all sorts of new groups and backgrounds. It's also quite spooky and unsettling sometimes. Since I've started to stop by Prud on a daily basis for about a week, I've noticed some pretty unpleasant things going on, such as S.D.S. raids and straight up robberies, as well as people roasting human faces and chowing down on them. I thought I'd keep track of what goes on each day at Prud. So, I'll start with the earliest day I can remember (it's not the first time I've been to Prud).

Day 0

It was pleasant. Nothing major happened at the camp. Some people came and went. An asian man and a seemingly Russian man suggested I come along with them to help fix a car. I was a bit bored, so I thought I'd tag along. I was very uneasy walking miles away from the camp, and- sure enough- they robbed me. I managed to pull up my rifle to shoot the Russian in the head, but the asian shot my leg once or twice. He took my things and went on his way. I later woke up next to the dead Russian man and grabbed some of his things. Fortunately, he had morphine and painkillers, so I managed to get by the pain when escaping the scene.

Day 1

This was when things got interesting. A couple friends of mine and I were going down to Stary Sobor to grab some medical supplies and some food. On the way there, we met a Russian and some other man. Sergei and Vincent is what they went by. They were on the lookout for a cannibal. They said they'd been following him for some time and wondered if we saw him. I then saw a man crouched down behind a few shrubs across the field. We went over to greet him, and ended up bringing him to a remote area to execute him for his actions. His name was Skinner, by the way. Long story short, we shot the guy at the top of a tower. Sergei was actually pretty upset that we did so, and chased us through multiple towns. After a while, he gave up on the chase, and we went on with our day.

Day 2

It was shit weather all day, and pretty hard to fit so many people at Prud in one small house. I sat out by the docks, when I heard a familiar snicker. Skinner. I got up, surprised to hear the sound. There he was. Bullet wounds in him from the day before, bandaged up and crawling on the ground. Behind him strolled Sergei, and I sort of jumped back. Sergei let me know he had calmed down, and wondered if I wanted to "purchase" Skinner. Obviously, I declined, along with everyone else. Sergei ended up leaving Skinner at the camp and snuck around a barn to see what we would do. One of the folks at the camp wanted to kill Skinner on the spot. A while passed, and Sergei said he was leaving for good. That was when things got interesting. A few Africans came by Prud. One of them was from Zimbabwe, and his name was Soloman (I believe that's how its spelled). Skinner insulted his family and ended up being smacked by the butt of his gun. I wasn't very surprised.

Day 3

The day was painful. Dreadful. We were all sitting by the campfire, discussing Skinner's actions from the day before and laughing at some people in the fields racing motorcycles. A Somalian appeared out from the woods. Everyone immediately dropped what they were doing to point their guns at him. I joined in, of course, having some history with the Somalians. Most of the folks at camp took the Somalian inside the barn to interrogate him, while a couple other guys and I keep watch. After about 30 minutes, one of the watchmen was shot in the head. I yelled in that we were under attack, and ran away as fast as I could. When I was running, a bullet grazed my leg and I tripped and took cover behind a rock. I slapped a bandage on and looked up to see a Somalian standing right in front of me. He asked for my I.D., so I told him my name and what groups I was a part of. Almost instantly, I was surrounded by 5 or 6 Somalians, all pointing their guns at me. That was when they told me to run. One of them shot at the ground next to my feet, and I took off. I thought for sure they would've robbed me. I got to a safe hiding spot and waited for an hour. I then snuck back into Prud to find a massacre. I had to explain over and over again to survivors that passed by the area. The total body count was around 9 or 10. Lucky me, I guess.

Day 4

This day was surely something. I managed to find a rather sleek assault rifle from one of the victims of the raid from the day before. My friend Daniel and I headed out to Berezino to gather medical supplies for the rest of our group. After arriving, Daniel insisted that he stayed to get some rest, so I went on without him. Berezino was safe enough, with a few spots to hide and sleep with little to no trouble, so I wasn't too worried. By the time I got back to Prud, it was dawn. Some BoS guys and other random survivors were discussing a raid on S.D.S., and I quickly joined in. After some planning and picking up reinforcements, we were off to the North-West Airfield. I was assigned to a small group that was to flank the Somalians, while the rest of the men would prepare for battle. We were within range of hearing the Somalians, and one of the guys in my squad decided to shout at them and start firing. We were immediately wiped out. The two guys I was with were dead (I think). A Somalian came up to me and questioned why I was there. I wasn't able to speak out of shock, so he grabbed my things and went on to dispose of the rest of the squads. I had nothing but a bandage, a cracked radio, and some painkillers I found laying nearby. I acted dead until I was sure no one was around, and headed for Chernogorsk to gather supplies and a weapon from a helicopter wreck near the city.

Day 5

Not much happened this day. I told my tale to some people at Prud. I got to see Soloman again, which was nice. An uneventful day, basically. It was nice, I suppose. Sometimes just chilling out and conversing with people isn't too bad.

Day 6

Skinner was back. This time around, he made a new "friend". George was a pretty childish guy who carried around a colouring book with him. Skinner and him played Hide n' Seek, and he ended up crying for help and shouting that he was bleeding. Sure enough, he was, but it wasn't because of Skinner. He had slipped off the docks and cut his ankle. I could've sworn I saw Skinner swoop up a cup of his blood in the lake, but I wasn't sure. Later, George showed Skinner his colouring book, and Skinner ripped a page. George started whining and shouting that Skinner had done something wrong. Naturally, we just made Skinner leave camp for a while and George to shut up about his colouring book. Guess days like these are both good and annoying.

Day 7

The S.D.S. was at it again. I wasn't there for the massacre this time around, but there were more people dead and more survivors than before. Apparently, people at Prud robbed another Somalian. I guess I hadn't shared my stories with nearly enough people to prevent a situation like it again. There were a lot of bodies around the campfire. Myself along with a couple folks from Prud dragged the bodies around the back of the house to get them out of the way. After some time, I heard a familiar snickering. Skinner. I went back to the bodies to find Skinner cutting meat off of them and shoving the shit in a bag. I greeted him sarcastically, and we went to the fire. He started roasting the meat of the corpses, which was when everyone sort of dispersed. 'Holyman', a guy from my group, and I went off towards the docks after some conversation with others about the massacre that took place earlier that day. We eventually fell asleep with our guns ready to shoot anyone, whether it be a cannibal or a Somalian.

//Alright, it ends there for now. Let me know what you think! Any feedback helps! :D

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