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Hellu my Friends !

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My real name is "Fabian" i come from Germany and i am 17 Years old Player. I already Donate, because i think its a great project and we need more popular in this DayZ Community ! So at least i hope my whitelist request will be accepted.

Ingame am i (if i got accepted) taliban from irak. Its a long story, but at the end am i in a prison, then comes the infection (blah blah) and i break out with my mate. After this we want to begin a new life. So i am not just a stupid terrorist ! :D

Sorry for my bad english, i cant write english very well. But my talk is much better haha. I hope u understand it !

Nice night guys.

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Thank u guys. I already read the rules everyday :D i dont want to do anything wrong, because its a new system with "roleplay". Its great i like it. I understand english very well but, if i have to write sentence... mhh ... thats more difficult. But its ok, everyone can understand me and if i talk ingame, the peoples can understand me too. So thats not a big problem ! :D


Yeah i am a friendly taliban, i want to live as a civilan but, i am still a taliban ! :D

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