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Server Strength In America

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Hey guys,

I absolutely love the mod as I've watched several streamers and youtuber's play it and have been very intrigued, I stream as well with a group of friends though we are small we have a ton of fun! I am thinking of donating, getting whitelisted and applying to get involved but am curious if anyone has any experience on how well the servers run while playing in America?

Thank you!


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I live in Wisconsin, U.S. My ping is usually 160, but the game runs smooth. I don't see any desync at all or any problems.

Perfect I actually live relatively near you in Northern Michigan so really that is what I was looking for! I really appreciate it!


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  • Sapphire

And I here the Foster's is way worse over there than it is over here........ :/

To be honest, don't think I've ever seen anyone drinking Fosters over here...

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I've been to both Perth and Sydney and you are 100 percent correct, Victoria Bitter is the beer of choice if I remember correctly, that was more of a shot across the bow if you know what I mean. And to Whitefur, every gamer in Michigan firmly believes that we will survive a Zombie Apocalypse, so Day Z is just a natural resting point for us.


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  • Emerald

Michigan Internet though - 0.001 Mbps Down. It takes us Michiganders longer to load up the speedtest.net then to do the test 10 times over. #PortHuronSwag

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