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Comet Chat Suggestion | Friends List


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At the moment in Comet Chat, you have about 205 users sitting there and you can leave a message to any of them, while I don't see any problems with it now, trolls might bother other people through this or send harmful/virus filled links.

I'm suggesting that we use a sort of friend list similar to Facebook, and how I see it working is just you look up someones forum name, and there would be a feature on there profile saying "Add Friend" and that would send a message to the person you are trying to friend.

Then, the other person gets a message on CometChat/ a PM with a ignore and accept button. Once accepted, you can chat the person away no problem and they'll be on your friends list until you decide to "un-friend" them.

This way, it organizes everything so instead of 200 people to chat with, it's just 30-50 (depending how popular you are) and easier.

Not saying to get rid of chat rooms tho, that can stay obviously.

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Perhaps there could be a list at the top, similar to when you have an awaiting friend request on steam, for those people on your DayZRP buddies list. I quite like the idea of having my friends presented to me as opposed to searching 20+ usernames.

EDIT: Something like this:


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