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Would this name be legitimate?


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I was thinking of starting an alternate character to run around on (always nice having both a good character, and a naughty character), but one of my usual names is sort of... strange..

In fact, it's Amy Strange.

I was just wondering if this would be a legitimate RP name or if it's a bit TOO eccentric for our In Character purposes.

Any feedback is appreciated! :)

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Well, it's still a person name, and not a "handle", so I'm assuming there shouldn't be much of a problem! :)

cool, thanks for the prompt responses!

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Guest Pandi

Amy Strange is an actor in IRL isn't she?

I'm sure you could still use it, it's not like she is the only person in the world with the name Amy Stange so it is not like it's unrealistic, so yes, you can use this name on your alt character.

Marking this as solved.

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