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Mercenary 10 bug

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Describe the issue: Mercenary 10 skin seems bugged, If i lie down or crouch and go into first person i cant see, due to the black collar blocking my screen. The skin seemed to be fine until the new patch came out a couple of days ago.

Is the problem reproducible, ie can you re-create it on demand? I have tried it multiple times and it still keeps doing it so yes

Time, server and location of this occurring Both servers, Location can be anywhere

How long have you had this problem? Since the update

What have you done to fix this already?


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  • MVP

Could you possibly grab a screenshot?

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  • MVP

Thanks - will test on test server tonight and fix whatever is broken :)

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  • 5 weeks later...

This has been broken for good time with mercenary 1 but mercenary 1 is the worst.. Worst bug xD

You can literally see your head to your left.. You can see when you die I guess but I don't think you can fix it someone did suggest changing the glasses and head but I tried and made it worst, maybe it'll work for you ?

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  • Sapphire

I have been using Mercenary 10 for awhile now and haven't had this problem, I have tried everything to actually see if this would happen and nothing....

Is it a client side problem or a server side?

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