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Into the Darkness [Changed] / Alice's Diary

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I've been running around in circles around this goddamn place. The ever growing pain has been destructing me, i've been turning into one of them more and more...

I miss my family. But as i suspected not many of them really miss me.

Tassia has told me of them. She has informed me of their day to day happenings...it has been a week now since i left them and they seem to be doing fine.

Most of them did not wink at the news of my death. The only ones that cared were Jack, Matt and it seems like Mick cared....a little.

It's hard to hear that. As i thought more of them would...atleast react a bit.

Yesterday i agreed to see Matt. Tassia told only him about what really happened. He was...happy to see me...he gave me the cure that he cured himself also with. I took it.

The fucking pain that ran trough my body these past days is nothing compared to what i have felt after taking that so called "cure".

In 30 minutes my body regenerated.

There was no trace of the black skin...my bite wound has turned into a huge scar.

Only one thing bothers me now.

I will never be able to...love anyone else.

It is something that had to be i guess. I would infect anyone who i kiss...or anything else that would let them come in contact with my bodily fluids. I'm a walking disease.

It's like i have aids.

Damned for life.

And the only person who is like me in the whole world (or atleast that i know of) is Matt.

To hell.

This is gonna be one heck of a life.

I will restrain from emotions.

And i will not show my face to many people.

I dont want them to see me.

Let them live as i do not exist. Let them think i have passed to the other world.

They do not care anyways so why should i come back...

And Staggs....lets just see....will you stay sane my dear friend...

Or will you start seeing ghosts once more....

And will they haunt you...and torment you...

Lets just see...how you like for once to be the tormented one...

Lets see if u like your own treatment...your own form of torture...

My dear friend...Oh lets just see...


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  • Emerald

Love reading these ingame diaries. I hope more is to follow.

Reading this I think I may consider to do my own diary entries.

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  • MVP

Wait dafuq? She's alive?

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  • Legend

FFS! One moment she forgives me wants the best for me..I tried to do the best for her and change back and be really sorry.. Now you want to break down my walls again?! This is going to end up with murder.. Staggs knows the game for more than you do lass ;)

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  • MVP

Wait dafuq? She's alive?

kaboom :) boom boom aint it great to be crazzyyyyy. :)

staggs has no idea shes alive :P

*captures another zombie and trains him to become a killer instead of just a biter* :troll:

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  • Emerald

And i will not show my face to many people.

I dont want them to see me.


*Cough cough* Gasmask

Was a good read also alice can't wait to read more.

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  • Sapphire

So she is still alive... Now I have to find you :/:P

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  • Emerald

Oh boy.

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*Entry No.2*

I went to the camp again...

I told Matt to bring Mick along. I couln't keep it inside anymore. Fucking hell.

All this time i have been lying to everyone else and to myself. I didn't know how to feel. I didn't want it to get to me. And on top of that my mental health did not allow me to tell him anything cus i was so scared of myself that i couldn't interact with anyone properly.

I told him everything. I had to spill it out once for all. I told him i loved him from the moment i saw him for the first time. I love him with all my heart. My infected...dying heart... I cannot kiss him...

Matt says i he can't even kiss me on the cheek... Mick went crazy talking about infecting himself... I made him promise he will not do anything stupid...

I had to...

I will try to find a cure..

I can't live without feeling the touch of his lips on mine...

I just can't.

I failed at life...i failed miserably. I never thought of myself. I never gave myself a chance to live. Now im forbidden to do so. I'm like a crazy woman in the asylum. With hands tied around her.. Not beeing able to do anything...just standing there and screaming inside.

Alone...pain tearing my flesh...

I don't want to live this life.

I will find a cure.

But first. I need to find the one that made me like this. That imbecil.

Used me.

Abused me.

Cursed me.

Killed me.

He just couldn't let anyone else get to me.

Or to any woman he ever felt anything for.

I need to find him.

And fast.

Before all of my effort goes to waste....

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  • Sapphire

Heheheh, I didn't abuse you dear. I just.... Enjoyed feeding off your pain

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  • Legend

Ok first i thought it was me then i.saw he was straight so IM SAFE!

Great little read though.. I still think you brought Alice back to early though I would have waited a week more.

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*looking into the distance she smiles as she remembers every second of the day that passed*

Today was....one of those days i will never forget. I spent the whole day with Mick. We ran around through the woods made camp put up our tents and enjoyed every second of the day. We talked and talked we couldn't get enough of eachother.

We went to a little pond near a road where we went for a little dip cus i was talking to him about the time i swam in the ocean infront of Zane, Joe and Aless. It was amazing, minus the ice cold water but we got over that.

When i got out of the water and saw him lying there on the ground i just couldn't resist.. i pushed him on the ground and sat on him making him unable to move. The tension. Oh my god i never felt anything like that in my entire life. It was like a magnet pulling me towards him.

We decided to take a risk. We kissed for the first time. That feeling...i will never forget that in my entire life. It's like milions of little bolts of lightning striking every cell in my body.

It was amazing. But it pulled us in even deeper. We could not stop kissing. Barely restraining ourselves at that point, we got interrupted. Some guys were looking for the 501'st. They excused themselves and left the area leaving us alone once more. But we decided to leave that area cus we figured a lot more people will be passing trough there so we went off on a trip through the woods. We walked around for two hours finally getting to the coast. We went across the water to the little island. We got some fishing rods and some food off the fishing shack. We tried to make camp on the island but we couldn't cus the water was rising so i decided to take him to my little special place.

We spotted a boat on the coast of the island and we took it to my special place. I felt something in the air that told me the time was right and i was ready to take someone there. Whatever was in the air that night made us high on love. We talked and talked....

We cuddled and kissed for hours...

Something happened...

It was...i don't have the words to describe it.

I gave him my whole beeing. My body, my mind, my soul.

He made me feel special...

He made me feel wanted...

He made me feel alive again...

The electricity that i felt from the kiss was nothing compared to what i felt...when we were finally one...

The only thing that i have to do now is find...a cure. There is no way in hell that he didn't get infected after today. There is absolutely no way...unless he's immune. I've heard of people beeing immune but i have never seen anyone like that. I have...we have to talk to Matt...and to Dr. Atwood. Siorre told me that she used to take his blood to make the cure. I need to find her. I hope that she doesn't reject helping me. I really hope so. I don't even wanna think what could happen if Mick doesn't get the cure.

If it was needed i would sacrifise myself to cure him.

He is my life, and if he does not live i have no reason to live.

I need to find Sophia. And quick.


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