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Appeal #2

Guest funnyfacegaming

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Guest funnyfacegaming

I'm going to combine my 2 ban appeals together since rolle introduced the new thing I think it was the day I made mine so... here's the link to it I will post the new evidence when it comes in but BE is taking forever so.


This is my appeal for the incident at prud though,

Link to the source of punishment (report/post):

Why the verdict is not fair:

I will note that you have to wait 15 minutes after a hostile action before logging out, unless you're 100% certain you're not being pursued. (Mostly in the case of helicopters).

Trilby posted that on the tread, We weren't being pursued by anyone I actually talked to my friend who was in teamspeak with juggs they were just logging in apparently.>

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view:

What would you like to achieve with this appeal:

What could you have done better?:

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Guest funnyfacegaming

My friend told me he got the email but hes blocking out the key he said he will send it to me in skype in a minute!!!


Sorry if this seems like im trying to bump the thread im not i'm having troubles posting the picture because obviously i'm not very smart *sigh* i will try again

I'm confused... Could a staff member or anyone help me... Its not letting me post it or? Sorry i'm just really excited and want to play again so i'm kind of having a.... spasm ._.

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Guest funnyfacegaming

I don't know? My friend replied to me on skype I asked him and he said he had just gotten it, it's not my account like I said I accidently launched dayzrp while on my friends account I don't know?

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Guest funnyfacegaming

ok ill msg my friend to send a full screenshot of his desktop i hope he answers we have school tommarow though and its midnight

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  • Emerald

Okay, we've discussed. First look at the email and we all knew it was a fake.

Firstly, your story doesn't add up whatsoever.

Secondly, sometimes Bohemia mess up the capitalization in their emails, but nothing quite on the level you did when photo shopping that together.

Thirdly, the email header. - snip't due to an overabundance of caution -

Fourthly, your attempt at downscaling the resolution in order to disguise the fake writing was poor. Why in earth would you take a full size regular screenshot at high resolution and downscale it.

So, Appeal Denied.

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