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Sup peeps

Guest Gabegonzo

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Guest Gabegonzo

Hey guys,

Just joined. Honestly haven't played DayZ yet but have been watching tons of vids and tutorials. Just been trying to figure out whether to play regular mod or standalone, when I came across your site. Definitely looks great and is more of a community than most other videos and sites show. So hoping to get started and to have fun with everyone.


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Hey man,

Welcome to the community, it is literally a fantastic place to play and be part of, there are always staff or even non staff that are more than happy to help by PM, there are many events going on which are getting better and better every day and last of all Real Life stops once you are accepted and you will be on RP forever....FOREVER...*insert evil laugh here*

But welcome to the family and hope you enjoy your stay, there is a standalone server too but as it is not whitelisted to join you do get some bandits killing on sight.

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  • MVP

Hello and welcome to DayZRP. If you need anything answering then be sure to PM me.

Things you might need to read

Need to read the rules?

All here

Need a member of staff?

List of Staff here

Want to read about DayZRP?

Read the Wiki here

Need a question answering?

Post a thread here

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  • Sapphire

Welcome to DayZRP! Enjoy your stay! :D

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  • Sapphire

Welcome! Make sure you read over the rules again! If you need anything feel free to PM me or any of these other guys ^ we are always happy help anyone. Also check out these links as they will help you get accepted!

General tips for a better whitelist application

New to the server

Basic roleplaying guide

Ego's guide

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Guest Gabegonzo

Awesome. Thanks everyone. I have about 12 hrs on the Standalone now, so understand the game and how to survive. (Also how to run from zombies for 15 minutes straight). I'll definitely check out the SA server you have listed and hope to make some new friends there, as well as here.

Gabe C

Steam: Gabegonzo

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