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Prud and surrounding area in real life.


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Hello everyone,

I am an avid fan of geography and have known since ArmA 2's launch in 2009 that Bohemia Interactive based the landscape of Chernarus on an area in northern Bohemia in the Czech Republic called České Středohoří, or simplfiied, the Central Bohemian Uplands. If you take a close look at this area on Google Maps, you can pin-point the exact locations of some of the settlements and landmarks that Bohemia Interactive used as a representation of this area in game. Even some of the buildings and towns shown in this are accurately represented in-game.

Anyway, I thought since I had some spare time, that I would do a piece on Prud since I have grown fond of the pond and share it with the community. The pond does exist and according to the translation of the caption of one of the photos, it seems to be a fishing pond :)... how about that ! Here it is and I hope you enjoy it!





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Looks cozy, DayZRPcon in Chech Republic, Summer 2014? :D

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