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Downloading DayZRP mod

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  • MVP

You extract the folder that is already in the zip file to your ArmA 2 OA directory. Simply a case of drag and drop.

You also need to install the patches but these just go into your OA directory and you click "Yes" when it asks you to over-write the files.

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  • Emerald

The DayZRP launcher does all the installation for you I'm Pretty sure, If you cant work out how to do it I suggest using that.

You are correct, the launcher downloads every individual file for you as it places them in the correct location.

Download the launcher on this page. Once you download it, run it, and click on the update tab. It will automatically begin the downloading process for you.

If a patch for DayZRP comes out, the launcher will also patch it automatically.

Good luck!

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  • MVP

Hey guys. this is just a quick question that i need to get off my chest before its too late to answer, if i downlaod the things i need to play dayzrp mod, then do i need to put them in a folder? Or what do i need to do.

Shall I marked this as solved for you OP?

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