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Globally banned, misunderstanding

Guest enar21banappeal

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Guest enar21banappeal

Link to report : No report was made because this was a ban from logs.

Why the verdict is not fair : Well I can't really blame the staff because what they did is right. But the thing is for about 6 months ago I got banned because I got key stolen. I got key stolen because I was stupid and downloaded a program that was supposed to boost my fps I think... It was a while ago. Anyways, this was 6 months ago and maybe more and until now I didn't think you were able to get your key back so I bought it again only one week after the accident. So then 3 or 4 months later I found about DayZRP and registered and got whitelisted etc. I then have played for 1 month until last week when I accidentaly logged in on the servers with my banned account/game. 4 days later I got globally banned from the forums and the servers. I then got some kind help of the staff that told me what to do. The situation is pretty complicated and I'm sorry I haven't talked about this.

Additional statements/comments explaining your PoV (in details) : I got key stolen for 6 months ago and accidentaly logged in to the servers last week with the banned account.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal : Get unbanned.

What could you have done better? Not have accidentaly logged in with my banned account and I should been bringing this up before maybe.

I have the evidence of the email I recieved of Bohemia/BattleEye confirming I got key stolen and gave me a new key (obviously I have removed that key from the picture :)

If I've missed some kind of evidence please tell me.

Photos of the email I recieved today:

First part:

Email code:



Thank you for your time.

- Enar

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Since I have been informed earlier today on this topic i have been granting the evidence and they are legit.

You ban will be lifted.

Banning your appeal account.


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