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But who will save us?

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The single engine of the small aircraft sputtered and hiccupped causing a thick black smoke to billow from the exhaust ports. Beth gripped my upper arm, her fingernails digging into my skin through my shirt as the plane lurched, sputtered and then resumed is normal hum.

“Don’t worry hun, that’s just what these little planes are like. I’m sure the pilot there deals with it every day. Now if you see him reach for a parachute THEN you can panic.”

The fear in my wife’s face slowly melted into a hesitant smile and her death grip loosened ever so slightly. Cruising at around 10,000 square feet, we had left the large international airport over an hour ago on our way to a small airstrip in Chernarus. Honestly I’d never heard of the place but after months of working with the adoption agency my wife had fallen in love with a young boy at an orphanage in one of its coastal towns.

When we had finished the paperwork we immediately booked our flight. The weeks passed and we didn’t hear anything from the adoption agency. I’m a worrier but my wife assured me that no news was good news. I kept trying to tell her about the news stories I was seeing about the sickness that was spreading down in China and seemed to be working its way North into Russia but she would just shake her head at me and tell me, “All the more reason to get little Luka out of there as soon as we can.”

The pilot turned in his seat, pointed down, and mouthed “Chernarus” before smiling and giving us a thumbs up. Again I felt my wife's grip on my arm tighten but this time from the look on her face I could tell was it due to excitement rather than nervousness or fear.

Something stuck the plane...

Again the engine sputtered but this time it is not the sound of an old piece of machinery being temperamental. The black smoke again began to pour from the engine, this time in a much greater quantity. The pilot began madly flipping switches and spinning dials on the radio, calling out "MAYDAY" in between various Russian profanities. Suddenly the engine died completely and the plane nosed down, gliding through the air completely at the mercy of gravity and the little control still provided by its aerodynamics.

The trees of the Chernarus countryside rushed up to meet us. The last thing I saw before we made contact are my wife’s eyes, wide, scared, but full of love.

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OCC: [i tend to write "goofy" more often than not so I figured I'd go for something a little darker. I don't particularly plan on sticking to this story for my actual in game play but I figured it might make an interesting story on here. Then again maybe I will use it...I have a crazy twist in mind if things go a certain way.]

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  • 4 weeks later...

When I woke up I could barely breath. Smoke from the burning engine floated around the inside of the cabin, obscuring my view save for a few feet in each direction. As I reached down to unbuckle myself I felt a sharp pain in my ribs just above were the lab belt passed over my midsection. A fog unrelated to the smoke began to further cloud my vision, slowly reducing it to a narrow tunnel…

A growl…no, many growls like a pack of wolves circling their prey brought me out of my forced slumber. Panicked I fought through the pain stabbing my side and managed to release the buckles holding me tight to my seat. Almost as if releasing my restraints also freed my consciousness I suddenly remembered what was going on…Beth!

Looking around desperately I saw the plane had been completely bifurcated, split down the middle as it crashed nose first into a thick fir tree. Clutching my ribs I stood and leaned out of the plane, searching for the rest of the wreckage.

There, just past some bushes lies an almost mirrored replica of the destruction I had just escaped. Again, I hear the growls…not wolves, obviously…and close!

I lurched towards the tree as stealthily as I was able, the snarls and roars mere feet away, emanating from the other half of the plane. Reaching the fir’s massive trunk, scarred by its run in with the aircraft, I leaned my head to the side and peered through the gap between the bark and the bush, attempting to get a clear view of the other side of the cabin. I was not prepared for what I saw…

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  • 2 months later...

Running through the woods I felt dead branches and dried leaves crack and crunch under my feet....Where was I going? Where was I now? For that matter WHO am I?

The confusion that springs from your memory extending back only a few seconds is unlike anything else you can feel. Fear, Hopelessness the suddenness of these feelings hits like a tsunami. Unfortunately the time I had to process all these feeling was insufficient as it was interrupted by the first of many answers I would eventually find.

Unfortunately the question I got the answer to was..."Where was I going". The snarls approaching rapidly through the trees very clearly provided some clarity and prompted me to pick back up the pace, memories or no.

So I kept running, weaving through the trees and soon enough the snarls and growls faded completely...it seemed I had gotten away from...well...from whatever that was. At least now I could focus on the other biggies, "Where was I" and "Who was I".

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