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Cross, Damien. Journal Entry #1. March 9th 2014.

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The Day I Awoke.

Grass, Sand, and Water. Those were the first things I felt when the nerves of my fingertips began to light up and tell my body it was time to wake up. The rain tapped my face bringing a cool sensation. The sound of the sky's water hitting my jacket created an unorganized rhythm that tingled my inner ear lobe. As I began to stand I made sure I hadn't sustained any injury. That's when I remembered where I was. Chernarus. I had traveled many miles with my best friend "Michael Keytan" and no he is not Batman. But I'm pretty sure he thinks that. We tried to take a commercial flight from California to Australia because we had heard that there was no sign of the infection in the great Down Under. Unfortunately our plane didn't have enough fuel to take us there all the way so we had to make a stop at Chernarus to refuel. Worst. Plan. Ever. After attempting to leave the Russian country-side the pilot had gotten infected and our plane decided to try and swim. Sank like a fucking rock. Now I only have one mission. Find my friend and survive.

After walking down the shoreline towards the east I ended up in a large city. I scavenged for supplies as best I could and found myself an automatic rifle, an AK. With two magazines I was prepared for what laid ahead. I walked into a fire-station in hopes of finding an axe so I could gather fire wood. But to my surprise I found a man in military garb, wearing a black ski mask under his helmet, crushing a zombies' head in with the butt-end of his rifle. The man obviously saw my startled face and greeted me. He did not give me his name so I figured I wouldn't ask out of respect of privacy. I asked him questions about where any other survivors are, he mentioned a Lake as well as a small settlement by a large factory. I then asked about my friend but, he had not heard of him. He then mentioned a group of individuals who have been kidnapping people and making them slaves. I knew I had to go look and see if these people had Keytan. The axe wielding ruffian than asked if I needed help getting to the Lake town. Asking if it would be a problem, he laughed and told me he'd be happy to. As I listened to him speak I noticed strange gestures and mannerisms I hadn't seen since before the outbreak but couldn't quite put my finger on it.

We stopped at his place for him to get a change of clothes. It was an apartment across from a hospital which was boarded up almost like that of a fortress. We quickly left the town and made a change in plans. Having remembered two ATVs in a private location we headed to the spot. But on our way we encountered a large group of zombies, this did not phase the man. He simply struck them down with his axe with such grace like that of a dancer. But it was obvious that the fight had tired him out so we made haste to the vehicles.

As soon as we got there he sat down but to our dismay the tires had been removed and the man sunk into a moment of sadness. I assumed him thought that all would be fine and that we'd find a way out of this. My words must've sounded naive to him for he simply laughed. He then told me his name was Alex and we shook hands. I then responded saying "Short for Alexander eh?". "Nope Alexandria." she said as she removed her helmet and lowered her mask. Me being the idiot of my generation I decided to react by saying, "Oh you're a lady!". This however did not make her happy. She glared at me and just shook her head.

Having put myself in a corner I decided to look over the vehicles to see if any type of gear was on it. She then informed me she would be napping for she was extremely tired from our trek and fighting the undead. She asked me if I'd be able to wait for about an hour, I said I would. Before closing her eyes she said if I had to leave I'd see her again.

Well I hope so Alexandria. Good luck and I hope to see you again as well.

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