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The maniacal writings of Ray the Lark

Guest GreenGod

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Guest GreenGod

*you stumble upon some papers inside the barn at Prud after skimming the writings you hold no doubt these are the rants of Ray the Lark under another stimulant induced high. It is unclear why he wrote this or who he is writing to*

WHat if I told you I was crazy or strange? But what if I said it was YOU that has breached the foundries of reality!

Im trapped in a world I dont wanna be in but I know that theres no way out, it burned the last time I tried now I know theres no way out.

This life I live is everything's twisted no one wants to hear the good they're are in love with the bad side, like how many heros you dun clapped last night how many trips you robbed from their backside how many clips you need before you can catch a stash right? I guess my crime pays these days so dont get upset when you find me acting this way.

I'm not looking for salvation for take your love of brian and make sure to ask him for a way out of his creation i'm just a fucked up person in a fucked up situation.....

If its not my fault then who's fault is it? my brains like a rusty chain with a rural dog in it I guess im getting a little out of my mind but I guess im just a product of the Lucifer effect!

Don't get caught walking alone or you will not make it back home there ain't enough morphine to reduce the pain when im in my zone. your days are numbered and im just here to the math, why would I lie? Hostel shit sorry no luck i've got a big bite and you look like lunch.

I'm creeping on your doorstep blank stares are the verison of my mask I bring my machete or just an axe and tear that ass in half, if you can't fly I guarantee you won't survive

lips sealed now shut sorry no luck my boys have the duct to shut that ass up now I Pull your intestines and put in my jar now I head to Prud and come around and feed em to your best friend.

Pssst watch your back im behind ya I can hear you flapping your yap I might just have to take an axe to your back and make sure you don't survive, I'm a killer I'll leave you bite marks, put you in the woods leave you for dead so don't let the gas mask fool you.

*the rest of the writing seems is just gibberish and the rants of someone who has lost touch with reality*

\\I just wanted to try this in an attempt to get away from the average Dear Diary sort of journal entries, hope you like it.

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