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Council Offensive: The Grinder

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The staff of dayzRP presents:



Event battle theme:



The council attack continues. Not much is known about them, as there has been little direct interaction with the council forces, and they arent very forthcoming about their plans, ideals or objectives.

What is known is that the council was victorious in the last battle, after throwing an incredible amount of hardware and manpower at the UEF listening post. The few UEF soldiers and the survivors that came to their aid fought unusually well however, and council losses were severe.

Regardless, the council achieved their objectives, which resulted in the UEF being tempoarily knocked out of the fight. Blind and in disarray, the UEF retreated back to Utes to re-organize and recover.

This has bought the council enough time to put the -real- ground offensive in action.

Only the CTC and the local survivors stand against them. The odds are not in their favour, especielly without the UEF's help. But the CTC has an ace up their hold: They know where the enemy is coming, and when. How they know this is unknown, as the UEF listening posts have been knocked out and there is very limited UEF intel on council movement.

Regardless, the CTC is massing manpower, supplies and vehicles to reinforce the northeastern region of Chernarus for an airborne, landbased and even naval invasion. They hope to be able to do this without the council's attention, but at some point this information is expected to leak out, which will make the fortified CTC positions tempting targets. But the CTC is counting on it.

However the CTC know they cannot win this fight alone, and desperatly seek to bolster their ranks with survivor volunteers. Once again, it is up to the locals of south Zagoria to tip the scales.


When and where?

The event time will be at Saturday March 22nd at 21:00 server time. (may be subject to change)

The event server will open for "pre-event" roleplay and preparations at around 18:00. The briefing will be held at the main base at 20:00.

The battle will primarily take place around the NEAF region near Krasnostav.

There will be a detailed CTC briefing at Klen mountain, which will also be the location of the main CTC base.

It will be on a dedicated event server that requires people to whitelist in advance. Loot, vehicles and zombies will be toggled off to provide a lag-free battlefield.

Battle plan

The CTC knows they're outgunned, and they know its unlikely that this single defense effort will truly stop the council offensive. The truth is that this is actually a stalling tactic meant to slow down the main council offensive in order to give time for the UEF to regroup and for more CTC reinforcements to arrive from western Chernarus.

The CTC tactic evolves around trying to set up a series of fortified positions and put heavy munitions there in order to combat council helicopters and armor. The battlefield looks like this:


The green squares mark the CTC bunkers. Most of them are small with only small caches of ammo and one or two stationary weapons. There's six bunkers though, which provides an impressive array of defensive positions along the council's entire path of attack.

There's also a larger set of fortifications at the airfield, which is a tacticly important location to hold.

Finally there's the HQ at Klen mountain, which is the nerve-centre of this defense network. This is where people go to re-equip, get the briefing, gather up and use various CTC vehicles that may be available.

The objectives

Like at the previous battle, there are a series of objectives to maintain.

The CTC realizes that this effort is unlikely to stall the entire council offensive, so the real objective is to buy time and maximize casualties, while protecting the fortifications.

Primary objective:

- Protect the CTC headquarters at Klen mountain.

- Protect the airfield.

(Airfield structures to protect includes all major fortification-buildings and the control tower. Not the garage or hangars. )

- Maximize council casualties.

Secondary objectives:

- Protect as many bunkers as possible.

(Bunker structures to protect include all major fortification structures at each bunker. When these are destroyed the bunker is considered lost. )

- Prevent big CTC vehicle losses.

When all the major structures at a location has been destroyed, that location is lost.

The duration of the event is highly dependant on how people manage to follow and sustain these objectives. The event may take anything from 1-4 hours (at 4 hours we're calling it quits regardless, it is our "maximum" timer).

As the event progresses longer and longer, people will gradually face harder resistance from council forces.


The CTC battleplan is a mixture of static defense, response teams and guerilla warfare.

Since there's eight different fortifications to defend (6 bunkers, one airfield and the HQ), there's a need to disperse the manpower properly. This means thinning out the defense teams, having only a few people at each bunker, and then having mobile response teams that can react to council aggression.

The council's attack pattern will go like this:

If the bunkers are intact, they will concentrate their attacks towards them, with only the occassional "strafes" and harassment attacks on the airfield.

If the bunker network collapses(all 6 bunkers destroyed), the council will focus their firepower towards the airfield with only the occassional strafing and harassment attacks on the HQ.

If the airfield is destroyed, the HQ will face the full singular brunt of the council's attack.

Defenders dont NEED to be stationary and sitting inside the bunkers, but it is recomended they are not abandoned.

Council forces will not immidiatly target and destroy buildings once they reach their objective, but if they are not engaged and "kept busy" quickly, they may quite rapidly start cutting apart the fortifications.

Reinforcements, replenishment, scouting and communication

A big part of this event that differs it from previous events is that the battlefield is quite huge. This means that survivor forces must scatter and disperse more then before ((which in turn allows the staff to play as council foot soldiers more effectivly and not be cut down by a million people as soon as they appear)).

Reinforcement response teams are therefore utterly essential

in keeping the defense grid intact. The tiny defense teams at each bunker cannot single-handidly hold off a dedicated council attack, they will need help. The airfield is a good central location where such teams can be on standby.

Replenishment is also important. There will be a number of CTC vehicles "up for grabs"((And no, nothing too fancy. Armed cars, cars and trucks mostly, maybe a light chopper. No armor.)) that can permit the teams to move quicker to where they need to go, but they are limited in number. Furthermore, the supplies will be limited, and the bunkers and the teams may need to restock.

However, the CTC is an immense organisation and there's an ongoing stream of reinforcements and new supplies that will occassionally be delivered to the HQ at Klen. When this happens, it will be announced through radio.

Communication is an utterly essential part of the event, because people need to protect the bunkers properly, and reinforce and resupply them when necessary. But they cant do so without communication. Fortunetly, the CTC has a communications central at Klen mountain that will keep track of this and announce this ((As long as the main CTC communications building is up, at least. )).

The CTC commander ((Me)) will announce messages over RCON that relates to reinforcements, attacks, resupplies and various objective updates. However the commander can only do so if people in turn tell him about it. Battlefield intelligance can only be updated if people take the time to poke me on TS and write an IC radio transmission in text detailing the information. After processing this information (which may take a few seconds) I will announce it over RCON so that all CTC-friendly forces can take part of it and react to it.

These radio messages should be properly roleplayed out ingame as well, and should only be done if your character has access to radio equipment(A toolbelt radio is fine).

Scouting therefore naturally becomes very important. The more you know about enemy movements, the better. But scouts live a dangerous life, and its important that not too many people dedicate themselves to this task, as the defense will be understaffed as it is. A few dedicated scouts however (and even perhaps a scouting helicopter, although that one certainly lives the dangerous life) can report on known council movements out in hostile territory. This information will then be broadcasted so people can react to enemy movements, sometimes perhaps even before they can reach their targets. ((Do note that council staff can see this info as well since it'll be announced through RCON, but they will ignore it and continue with their plans as if nothing happened. ))


Like before, there's a fair few rules to follow with this event.

All event participants have KoS rights on council forces. They will be using this skin:


You do not have automatic KoS rights on anyone else. Check your fire, as hitting friendlies and non-council people is still KoS.

The above also includes council vehicles of course, but there will be quite the few vehicles on this event. So make sure to check your fire and make sure you're firing on a council vehicle.

All initiations against friendlies are forbidden during the event anywhere on the event server.

Please remember that this is a roleplaying event, so stay in character at all times.

Do not disrupt the event and stay respectful of other players and their enjoyment, or you'll face a quick boot out.

NLR is not in effect, and you are free to return to the battlefield.

Admins can provide teleportation back to the area just south of the headquarters(Klen mountain). Poke the ADMINS in the TS for this, not anyone else. In particular not me. I will be coordinating the entire event and monitoring communications, and I'll be up to my ears in stuff to do. So please only poke me if there is something -extremly- important.

The council volunteers will be teleported to their staging ground as well, which will be north of Guba bay along the coast. Entering that area is strictly prohibited, as there will be a significant "council base" there. The admins will auto-kill you if they see you there, and we'll probably boot you out of the event. So stay out of the council staging ground north of Guba Bay!

The suppression policy

Just like with the osprey event, the council volunteers will use something called the suppression policy. This means that in most cases they will not go for maximum lethality and instead intentionally go "spray'n'pray" towards targets.

This policy may be interpreted differently on an individual basis and some council people may be more deadly then others, but the general affect should be more bullets flying and less one-shot kill sniping from a kilometer away.

The policy primarily applies to vehicle fire(tanks, helicopters etc) and less to infantry that are caught in close quarters fire.


The real consequenses apply to a council victory, the goal of the survivor is primarily to avoid those consequenses, because they're not good.

If this battle is a defeat, it will:

1: Reduce CTC strength and affect how much resources they can field in the next major event.

2: Increase aggressive mini-event council-attacks.

3: Less emphasis on suppression policy, more deadly attacks.

4: More regular council patrols, sometimes to an occupation-level(if we have enough people.)


A fair few mini-events are suppose to lead up and affect the conditions of the major battle. Some of these will be pre-announced, others will be spontaneously made without pre-announcement. The pre-announcements will be very short-notice.(a day or two) They will be done on the official servers(S1 or S2) and therefore whitelist do not apply to them.

The captive Spontaneous event

The council has captured a CTC officer and is keeping him at a secure location for interrigation. CTC contacts and asks for local survivor support in retreving him alive.

If the officer is killed and not rescued quickly, it will lead to a slight disorganization in CTC ranks and also lead to more well-informed council troops, which will affect the battle.

Event outcome: Mission failed. The CTC officer has been killed, reducing the coordination of CTC troops. (any CTC troops will be less effective in the main event. )

The convoy Event has been completed.

CTC launches a convoy of building supplies and general goods in order to begin construction of the fortifications. The convoy is relativly lightly guarded, and the council knows its coming. CTC contacts survivors and asks for support in protecting it to make sure it reaches Klen. Council sympathizers or bandits can attempt to sabotage or intercept the convoy before it reaches its destination in an attempt to earn council favor.

If the convoy is destroyed, it hampers the amount of goods available at the HQ as well how well equipped the bunkers are.

Event outcome: Convoy destroyed. Number of munitions available for the main event has been reduced.

(Due to the circumstances in which the convoy was destroyed, the effect will be a bit less then intended. )

Repairs Spontaneous event

The CTC has a vehicle stockpile at a secure location. Although relativly well-guarded, they are in poor condition and requires repairs. Unfortunetly the CTC didnt bring adequate amounts of spare parts, and therefore contact survivors to try and help them by scavenging some to fix up the vehicles in time for them to move on before heavy council forces arrives to attack the vehicles.

The council also knows that the CTC has survivors out scavenging, and may try to intercept them before they can repair their vehicles.

The number of CTC vehicles that "escapes" will directly affect the number and quality of vehicles available at the HQ and how fast they are replenished.

Event outcome: Success! All vehicles were repaired at the depot and brought to Klen.

(More vehicles will be available for players at the main event. )

Intel pre-event cancelled

Intel on council strength and movements is still sketchy. However CTC recently learned of a small and lightly guarded council outpost in the middle of the woods with an agent present that may hold the information they need. CTC again contacts survivor volunteers to help them retrieve the agent (alive) for interrigation so they may learn what the council plans to bring to the fight.

Succesful retrieval and interrigation of the agent will reveal planned council vehicle types and assets.

Event outcome: Pre-event cancelled

Ambush pre-event cancelled

The council is moving an armed convoy down with various supplies and above all fuel in order to prepare for their coming attack. The survivors have a brief window of opportunity to ambush the convoy and destroy or steal the supplies before it reaches its destination, at which point it will be out of reach.

Destroying the convoy will starve some council forces of fuel which will limit(somewhat) the number of heavy vehicles they'll deploy in the fight.

Event outcome: pre-event cancelled


Council assets:


CTC assets:

Lots of lightly armed vehicles: Cars with machineguns and SPG9s.

A handful of BTR40's.

A small number of helicopters (perhaps a huey and/or MI-17.)

Stationary machineguns and light AT weapons.

CTC infantry and survivor militias.


The event server will have roughly 70 slots. 20 of these are directly reserved for staff, but this number may be subject to change.

This whitelisting is only for the main event and not for the mini-pre events.

You need to apply in this thread if you wish to attend. You can only apply for yourself and not for anyone else or your group.

It works on a first come-first serve basis, so the people that responds first gets the first slots. If the slots fill up quickly, you'll end up on a reserve list that may get whitelisted if people on the primary roster resign their spot or fail to show up at the event itself (if we notice we have a lot of spare slots well in the main event).

Type the current information when you whitelist:

Character name:


You can also say what your role in the battle is meant to be, but we cannot guarantee you'll be given the specific role you desire. (for example we may only need one or two pilots at most )


Staff roster - 20 slots reserved. (may be subject to change)

Player roster - 0 slots remaining

Forum name ------- Character name ------- Clan

Burgz --------------- Kazimir Gromov ------- None

Nickerd ------------- Luka Soldatov -------- BHM

Bubbles ------------- Travis Baker --------- Outlaws

Johnny -------------- Draven Crimson ------- Outlaws

Murdercool ---------- Alfred Fish ---------- Outlaws

Saint --------------- Alex Saint Duran ----- Outlaws

DancingDumpling ----- Matt Keegan ---------- Exiles

Anxiousity ---------- Alyd McLaughlin ------ BHM

SpoonerIV ----------- Fraser Martin -------- TOR (Medic)

nikrist ------------- Derek Steel ---------- None

Mr Gingee ----------- Stanley Wright ----- BHM

Spanker ------------- Harry Smith ---------- None

ArcticFox ----------- Dave Winter ---------- None

Fridge -------------- George 'Rick' Green -- BHM

Semiazas ------- Blake 'Semiazas' Weiland - None

Daps ---------------- Charlie Taylor ------- NWO

Man ----------------- Sergey Taengovih ----- SOLO

Certamine ----------- Martym Honzík -------- BHM

William01 ----------- Shalkar Chech -------- None

jamesbcfc1997 ------- Jamewehow Wengu ------ None

ScareCrow ----------- Sophia Rose ---------- None

Fozzy --------------- Teo Sokolov ---------- None

tnkydoe ------------- Khalam abdur-rasheed - None

StarWars9870 -------- Rick Mazreous -------- BHM

RoryShockedFace ----- Pat Spillane --------- 501st

Gingerpower101 ------ Victor Rezvonky ------ None

Alfie --------------- Kevin Roberts -------- BHM

joost4533 ----------- Osip 'Wrecker' Rurik - Volki

deadkiller ---------- Josh Freeman --------- TOR

Fenris -------------- Heinrich Steiner ----- BHM

ZXARCHER ------------ Ryan "Archer" hall --- BoS

Gumnut -------------- Charlie Berit -------- None

TheAssassinZX ------- Marcus Beres --------- BHM

corks007 ------------ Korey Ivanko --------- Volki

NoobHunterAnzy ------ Andrei Charkovsky ---- Volki

Jack Kolb ---------- John "Shank" Hackley -- Hope (guerilla fighter)

FrozenCaveMan22 --- Clément 'Frenchy' Aimé - None (Rifleman or sniper)

snowman9852 -------- Jinx Mistrovka -------- Volki

Astycc ------------- Jack Crovic ----------- None (Pilot or sniper)

Mockingjay --------- Dr Scott Richtofen ---- 501st

thewarmachine18 ---- John Dennington ------- JBG

sgt_epp ------------ Scott Richards -------- None

simiskovich -------- Niklas Levkov --------- B-17

Tompmal ------------ Thomas Jones ---------- B-17

Eluxa -------------- Aleksandr Gryzlov ----- None

Major Tom ---------- Major Tom Doakes ------ BHM

Exwife ------------- Jack Miller ----------- 501st

ZoCr --------------- Adrian Kowalski ------ None

Mush ------------- Ben Thomas/Hector Moore - BHM

TheLimited123 ------ Artyom Bogdana -------- ISOA

Reserve list

Pejay -------------- Adrik Aleksandrov ----- BHM

Nykke -------------- Rage Warsame ---------- SDS (4lyfe)

Chappers ----------- Abuukar Anwar --------- SDS (4lyfe)

Nihoolious --------- Salvador Guadalupe ---- None

Quickan ------------ Warsame Siyaad Daar --- SDS (4lyfe)

reeddreed ---------- Luke Davis ------------ None

Nicolaj ------------ Frank Anderson -------- None

MARTiN ------------- Abd Al Hakim ---------- SDS (4lyfe)

Oldman ------------- Waaberi Djogo --------- SDS (4lyfe)

Taurz -------------- Dubad Faarax ---------- SDS (4lyfe)

Mfpluna ------------ Jamaal Caamir --------- SDS (4lyfe)

GlennO ------------- Sadiiq Shariif -------- SDS (not4lyfe? Such lack of loyalty.)

Séamus ------------- James Wynne ----------- CTC

Jim ---------------- Aziz ibn Wahlami ------ SDS (4lyfe)

Voedric ------------ Ivan 'Ace' Kapralov --- The Outsiders

Axocelot ----------- Boris Tankov ---------- The Outsiders

DarkStyle ---------- Zigor Azkona ---------- None

Bushseaman --------- Rafael Abd Allah ------ TWS

Jottar ------------- Jabbar Nasim ---------- Al-Takizh

Zeke Anderson ------ Zeke Anderson --------- BoS

Max Simons --------- Maksim Simonov -------- Volki

Kevurmo ------------ Kevin Urmston --------- None

alexnedea ---------- Alexey Dinu ----------- ISOA

Kojo --------------- Kojo Abacha ----------- SDS

Cobra -------------- Vladimir Browski ------ None

Vivallion ---------- Isay Gennadiy --------- Volki

Siorre ------------- Jim 'Shawdow' Dillans - B-17

Profwedgie --------- Obuukar Bishar -------- SDS

Blasius ------------ Sadislav Komalov ------ Volki

darkdrewlord ------- Jon smith ------------- none

((On a final note: This event plan is not yet known to non-CTC officials. There may be a gradual trickle of information about it so far but the CTC is keeping this battle plan under a tight "need-to-know" basis so far. ))

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  • Emerald

I thought you where on about the app for a moment when I read the title. :P

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Will you reveal a whitelist format that we have to complete on this thread, or will it literally be, as soon as it hits 20:00, we have to post anything randomly.

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  • Sapphire

Sounds awesome. It's a shame I'm Australian, though.

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  • Sapphire

Yeah this is going to be pretty amazing! :D

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  • Sapphire

Sounds awesome. It's a shame I'm Australian, though.

Make an alarm :P

I've gotta work. :(

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  • MVP


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  • Emerald

Cant wait!

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  • Sapphire

20:00 Server time?

UTC +1

Look at main page. Server time is shown under the big-ass DayZRP.com title.

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  • Sapphire

Looks like im applying at school :D

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  • MVP


Will you reveal a whitelist format that we have to complete on this thread, or will it literally be, as soon as it hits 20:00, we have to post anything randomly.

The whitelist format will be in the event thread tomorrow.

I realize people will want to turbo-rush to whitelisting as soon as I write the thread, but people really need to read what the event is about too, especielly the rules.

20:00 Server time?


And im sorry, I realize this may hit against some timezones, but as im sure you're aware, there's no real way around that.

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Will you reveal a whitelist format that we have to complete on this thread, or will it literally be, as soon as it hits 20:00, we have to post anything randomly.

So we can't make '-reserved-' posts as soon as it hits 20:00 and then edit it with the format?

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  • MVP

No reserved, no. I'll make a post in this thread once I permit whitelisting. After that point, its first-come first serve. Any "reserved" above my own post will be disregarded.

If you want to reserve AFTER I've made that post, to for example read up on the event details without loosing a spot, then sure, that's fine.

The reason we have this kind of whitelisting process is because at the last event we had roughly 150 interested people trying to squeeze their way into the event. It didnt work out well at all. So we're doing it like this, in the hopes that we give people a fair chance.

Regardless, seeing the interest in the last event, I expect a hellova rush tomorrow.

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  • Emerald

And im sorry, I realize this may hit against some timezones, but as im sure you're aware, there's no real way around that.

Easy solution TBH. Depending on the timezone of the actual event:

35 slots European timezone applications

15 slots whitelisting for US applications

That would be an example for the case where the event is held at a time that favors EU timezones. Would be vice-versa if it favors US timezones, or fifty-fifty if it's in the middle.

Anyway. Here's my whitelist application!!1!1!

nome: Lt. Com. Sgt. Jevgienijj Varlamov [CRT] [LCD] [AFAIK]

ropelay skillz: gOood .

role : the an Fighter of mine .

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