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NWAF Ban Appeal

Guest dc_appeal

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Guest dc_appeal

Hi, I wish to appeal the ban on this case.

Link to report : http://www.dayzrp.com/t-neaf-random-rdm-kos

Why the verdict is not fair :

I was banned because I did not post the video evidence up in a reasonable time. My argument is that I was away on holiday, processed and posted the videos on my return. But I was banned before I could make a reasonable appeal.

Additional statements/comments explaining your PoV (in details) :

The video shows that we were being shot at from a distance at random some of these were cut out of the video as it felt like we were being trolled. I was in fear of my characters life with the shooting of an innocent happened at the airfield. I did not combat log I had a genuine client crash and connected straight away within a short space of time. The logs back me up on this.

To add to the statement about posting videos. I have no problem posting vids. But you have to remember sometimes I queue videos up if im going away for a few days. Also the claims I was stalling for time to reduce points was not true.

Regarding the points:

1 - RDM/KoS: Despite being shot at from range I ran in and saw people getting gunned down, sure this is on the edge of RP but I really thought I did not want to go down this way and they kept trying to kill me so it was a bit hit or miss. They also kept attacking me trying to kill me instead of stepping back. I cut out of the video the gaps between the madman driver as there were bodies with the same names all around that military base. They kept coming back the same people. I don't put this sort of thing in if there is an outside explanation for this.

2 - Combat Log: I did not combat log. I task switched into the IRC chat lobby to find out who kept returning to the scene. When I tried to switch back it has crashed. This is supported with the fact my health restores as it was a known bug at the time I am told. If there are IRC logs at the time you will see my talking to people in chat.

3 - I did not stall I had a genuine reason for not posting in the required time frame and in the Maldives I has no internet on the tiny little island I was staying on. Well it was meant to but it did not work. To also add points because I was trying to stall for time to get points back I think is unfair I had no idea of the previous points timeout.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal :

Ability to role play again and continue the adventure on DayZRP.

What could you have done better?

Post up the video evidence in good time and communicate if there are problem doing so. I think better RP in terms of being outnumbered.

The video evendence is here:

Cheers for your time.

Thanks Gina for the links.

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Please use the format found in here and edit your post.

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So start off, This is your second ban appeal for the same incident. You only get one ban appeal and your first was denied.

We feel that the original verdict given in the report was 100% correct and we are supporting that. We understand that you make videos for youtube and that you wants to keep those videos on schedule but it is unacceptable to withhold evidence. You had lots of time to respond to SDS with the video. There is no reason you couldn't have uploaded a lower resolution cut and unlisted it. If you knew you were going on holiday, you could've easily said so in the report to perhaps buy yourself a few more days to post the video, but you made no attempt.

You also attempted to circumvent your permanent ban by creating other accounts and continued to troll and break rules which is grounds on its own to automatically deny any appeal you make.

With all of this said, we have no option but to deny your appeal.

Appeal Denied

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