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Hello Everyone!

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Ahhh feels like home already!

I'm so happy to become apart of what I see to be as a great family! I can't wait to begin my journey building my characters story and play with everyone. My white listed got accepted (not sure if that means I have passed or means that they have just received it) because it doesn't seem to want me to log on...but I'll figure it out I'm sure. Anyways just wanted to say Thank You!

*Edit- I already realized that I'm running the latest version of epoch. *Facepalm* installing the correct version and am anxious about joining! After I get my friend from the airport my journey will begin!*

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Welcome to the community. If you need any help just send a PM to me or another Community Helper and we will help. Also we do not run on Epoch anymore you have to download the full RP files to play the RP Mod


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Oh cool thanks Voodoo! downloading that now.

Yea once downloaded and sorted into the Arma2:OA folder youll be able to play on S1 and S2. Epoch was removed as it didn't get the same numbers it used to. S1 and S2 are still good though

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Hello and welcome to the community. Don't forget to post on another thread as post in this section do not count and you will be deleted after a month.

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Welcome mate!

You seem like a friendly chap, hope to see you ingame at some point.

Don't hesitate to ask questions if you need help or are having problems.

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