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Just here to say hello.

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So ages ago I stumbled upon this server, and at the time I stumbled upon it I wasn't very interested in roleplay, and I was content with playing KOS riddled DayZ mod. Since then, I have been doing a lot of pen and paper roleplaying, as well as vocal roleplay. I also started getting bored of the mod, and standalone has been unplayable (Alpha and all, to be expected.), I have been looking for something more interaction and RP focused. So I decided to give this server a go, about to go write my application for the server, and browse the forums. I hope to get know the community, and also to make new friends.

So, Hello DayZRP, my name is FudgingTeddy/Faggotron or whatever my ingame characters name is (Never been good with names), and hopefully you will see more of me.

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Welcome to the community. Good luck on the whitelist and if you need any help just send a PM to me or another Community Helper and we will help


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