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Jerome Joobly (The Joobly Brothers) Journal

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Hello the sun has risen and my eyes are open. My name is Jerome, Jerome Joobly. I am a Joobly Brother... Born in Shakraki (South east of Baghdad) I was raised to learn life's harsh lessons. I am a twin and my other half is Jayrone. He is identical to me but has a Shakraki haircut like no other man that has been seen. I am 25 years old. Two wives (one dead) and six kids. I will get to the death later in my book as I must find a map showing me "Chernarus" I come here on a visit to Soleena to find nothing but death and despair. This is my story. My book. My fight and my struggle. This is what keeps me alive. You will learn why if you are reading this. The tale of the Joobly brothers is like no other.

My last ever picture of home...


Day 1

So it begins the darkness. I see the sun but see nothing but darkness. Trapped here in some sort of local bar in Chernogorask. I hear men "Check the bar for supplies" A man shouts to a fellow survivor. I begin to think, what is this... Why me ? How did I even end up here surely Allah has a reason there is always a reason faith is what keeps me fighting but i'm breaking. The man walks upstairs to wear I lie under the bed hoping not to be seen. My radio goes off "Anyone I repeat is anyone out there" It's the voice of Jayrone how I missed it. But what happened next gave me a reason to break. The Survivor had heard the radio. Looking under the bed he drags me out and points his rifle at me (hunting I think) "DONT SHOOT PLEASE" I exclaim. It's no use they want blood and they don't care who's. "GIVE ME THAT FUCKING RADIO BEFORE I BLOW YOUR BRAINS OUT" I hand him the radio and he stamps smashing it. Hope is lost. My only chance of finding my brother. Why Allah why do you do this. I have never broke faith yet you seem to treat me so wrongly.

"Please I'm trying to find my brother Jayrone" I whimpered. "Shut up" His rifle collides with my skull and I am left unconscious. I awake. I feel dirty something isn't right. Grabbing my bag I open it rushing to see what is left. Nothing they even took my family fucking picture. I will get this back you motherfucker. I am promised a pure afterlife but I see vengeance this isn't right. Should I feel this. Such blood lust its controlling me... It's taking over me. I scavenge the rest of Cherno avoiding those "things" I like to call them "pork gobblers" seems fitting enough. All I find is Nuts and a tin of pork. PORK !?!?! I can't eat this. It goes against everything that's in my faith as I previously stated. I can feel it the breaking of the bond binding me to my religion. I open it. One bite led to another and I survive. What use would a malnourished man be to Allah I'm sure he understands. Right ? I find a map. Shakhovka it is that's where my brother lived with his wife. I must go there. I begin to head east of the coast up towards Solnichniy. A man cries "HELP ME THESE THINGS THEY HAVE GOT ME" I turn to the man quite young looking. I notice his arm he's infected... What should I do killing is against my faith. EVERYTHING IS AGAINST MY FUCKING FAITH.

The final string pulls. I'm a free man my choice, my life. I kill the pork gobblers. "Thanks man one of them got me just a scratch ill be fine" I know this is a lie he bandages in an abandoned house. I walk in and his back his turned. I take my chance, pulling out my machete. BAM! *SWOOSH* *CRUNCH* *CRACK* *SWOOSH* His blood spilled everywhere. I did it... I really did it. His blood tainting my clothes there is no turning back this is my path of "enlightenment" After clearing the body I stay the rest of the night in a barn close to Dolina. I need to convert Jayrone he needs to know he must do what is right to live "free". I hope you're still alive Jayrone.

I... I love you brother.

End of Day 1

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