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Legere, It means Legion

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I'm 30, working in the States. I have several degrees in Computer Information Systems.

I really like DayZ, especially DayZEpoch lately. Casual PC gamer and intellectual best describes me. I'm looking to try DayZRP because it seems to be the only way to get the gameplay I'm looking for. None of the mods or servers do enough to dissuade Killing on Site.

If the game is any indication of the future, the next catastrophe for the human race will be its self-extermination by over-privileged and armed 16 year olds who don't value life or respect death.

I can be quite cynical and overly analytical, but I look forward to a long and interesting gaming experience.

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Well hello there, Mr Legion and welcome to DayZRP!

Ah, you're interested in computers? That's great! I can bet that more than half of this community are interested in computers or have a job to do with computers. I too love computers. Looking into Computer Engineering when I'm older, perhaps aged 20, I can only hope for the best.

Yes, Epoch is quite fun to play. Although, I can find it quite boring when playing by myself. The base-building feature tends to make up for that though. RP is definitely great and you could argue that it is for all DayZ players. It's quite something how the staff maintain the rules here, especially when you look at other similar mods with abusive admins. There's none of that here, it's all great!

I too can be over analytical. Only at times though. You seem like a great guy and I feel I'll get along well with you!

If you ever need a chat, have a question or require some help, the community here are great and will love to help you. If not, I'm always browsing the forums and I too would love to help you out.

Stay safe and best of luck. :)

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I'm glad for the warm welcome, and I look forward to playing with any and all of you. Looking forward to not hiding in a tree at the first sign of other players, or sitting in a corner wondering if I have to unload what paltry ammo is left in my pistol into the guy with an M4 hunting fresh spawns for the humanity.

Looking forward to having fun again.

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