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Feeling Lost

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03.00 AM-

Nice, so here I am sitting beside my dead-best-friend.

Zeds, Zeds, and Bandits.. I don't know anymore about it, or life.

Knowing the fact that there's a poor dead bandit, and my best-friend has a Hatchet on his head are just nice.

World is cruel now. No more passion we can give, no more feelings, because everything we had will end in death.

Death, death, death. So what?


03.10 AM-

Woah, I just found a rope behind a crate, and a tall tree! Well.. Now I know what to do though.

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Guest Pandi

Is he/she going to create a tree house?

I think this needs a lot of work put in to it, but it's a nice little snippet of a story, you should continue to write and create an entrance to the story, so it makes sense.

Good luck.

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A nice idea dude, maybe try adding some more meat to the story first though. Are you going to continue with this or was it a one off because I could see this become a lot better if they are just small diary entries like this.

Is he/she going to create a tree house?

Oh, and I think he meant hanging himself you fool! ;)

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