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The Rise of Danny "McSwagger" Tanford

Guest Katherine

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Guest Katherine

My Name is Danny "McSwagger" Tanford


I Came to Chernarus trying 2 360 no scopes dem fooking somzbies with all my swag. Dis be my IRL pic

I spent years making collection of Call of duty videos rekting dem scrubs

Here is my 2pro4u Editing skills


I be coming to teh lands, After my plane crash trying to attend games coms 2012. I learned 2 survive by using the knowledge from call of duty.

I like 2 camp 4 kills near dat place called Prud, bitches be trippin.

Moar 2 coem.

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  • Sapphire

I Tink i just got an epileptic attack!

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  • Moderator


This should become a major character on RP !

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