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Gina's little Book


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7th March

This wasn't a good day. Well it started pretty good but... Sorry my little book, I will tell you everything.

I found this white offroad next to abandoned house. It was busted, badly, but lucky for me it had couple of wheels in the back and now I only needed to find two more. Two wheels! Can you imagine? You know me, I hate everything what smells like a work and I have done too much already. You remember when I told you about these guys and their organisation, CTC? Yeah, those... They bought my story and took me in. Its hard though, I actually need to work and I cannot afford to be revealed so I just do what I am told to. I think what is even worse, I need to smile to people and be like I care about them. Sacrifices... I can do this.

Anyway, those wheels... Chernogorsk was near enough and I knew there was a lot of those places where one can find some spare parts, so there I went. I heard helicopter flying near by when I arrived the city. Sounded like some civilian one, not our guys. My back was already hurting from running. Why can't I use our SUV, I don't understand. But Buck said that it is necessary to keep it low and most important, not let them know. Nothing. At all.

I'm sorry my little book, I derailed again... Those wheels, well I found two. Can you imagine how f***ing hard it is to run with two wheels? I guess I can be proud of my self now. I managed to run back to the car but I swear to you, I won't do it again. Now, I had to make my hands dirty, you know, dirty! Like with real dirt! I hope those wheels will stay and not drop off when I drive. It's not easy to try and get them tight enough with these bloody tools.

Wheels didn't drop off when I drove to Elektro. I had to get some medical supplies. Buck told me that people are in need of those often. I guess thats true. These barbarians cannot handle those dead ones too good. Its perfect. I just hope we could start the Jekyll. Buck says soon, he always says that. I hate it. I packed all the medical supplies into the car and drove off, towards Solnichniy. There is that big old factory. Good place to find more stuff if you are lucky.

*She stretched and glanced around while carefully placing her little book on the table. She opened it again and sighed as she gently ran her fingers over the pages. So many were ripped off. Too many secrets. She remember when Buck found her book and started to yell at her. He ripped off all the pages from beginning. That made her scream. Nothing will hurt her more than someone touching her little book. Its the only one she can trust and tell everything. But she will never again write down those things.

Too risky, she learned her lesson.

Buck threatened her with Gerhardt and she doesn't want to meet him. Even though she is not really scared about people, but this man... She better hide her book again. Not that there is anything too revealing but one never knows. She closed her book and stand up from the chair. For long time now, she was smiling while holding her book against her chest.*

~ To be continued.

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Treachery! They've deployed the spies! Nicely written by the way.

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There's nothing I love more than secrets.


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Uuuh. I like!

More now!

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Thank you all <3

I have been lazy to write anything, even though I have had so many stories to tell. Never figured out how to put them up until now.

I will try and update this with new things while they happen :)

If I get too lazy again, please slap meh!

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9th March

*Sits down next to the small table in her tent and opens her little Book again. Slight smile on her lips

as she slides her fingers over the pages. She takes the pen and starts writing.*

I don't know where to start. So much have happened in the last couple of days. You know... I wasn't aware that the resistance is this big, but after I had a nice little chat with Alice I am truly amazed. Not happy, no, but amazed... I must admit that these barbarians have some spirit in them still. Is it strong enough? We will see.

*Squeezes her pen tightly, so hard that it hurts her hand*

You know what my little Book? We will crush them, eventually... every one of them. But I know that first we must finish our businesses here. There is not many places what would suit better for it than this hell hole.

Where was I again? Right... Yesterday I found another vehicle. Oh, I forgot to tell you! Some savages caught me off guard and managed to rob me the other day. They took everything... my car... supplies... my weapon. I managed to find a Winchester from the barn right next to the place and followed them a bit while they stopped near by to refuel. I almost was able to take them down before they drove off... but I was alone and I had to be careful. I won't be much of a use if dead you know.

Anyway, the other vehicle. It's much better I think. It's big and ugly and can hold lots of supplies. I think I look more serious while driving that thing. Don't you agree?

I was gathering supplies around the coast when Alice contacted me, so I went to pick her up. She is sweet girl I guess. I bit rough one would say. She was excited about her plans with this rebellion group as she calls them. Made me chuckle first, but later I must admit that I got a bit worried. But I'll tell you about that later.

We went to the usual round and ended up Prud first and from there we headed to the airfield. She wanted to show me some little camp over there. There were these guys... all in black... just like us. Well not that well outfitted of course but black nonetheless. DUTY they called their organisation I believe.

Alice was eager to explain all their plans to me and I was eager to hear them of course... If only she knew...

She was first telling about their weaponry and all the people who have joined their forces. She then showed me the map with all the locations and traps what are out there. Very impressing but kinda cute at the same time. Those things won't take them far... at least not now when I know of those. It still makes me smile and almost feel bad for her.

There was this one man. She was calling him Frost, General Frost. That name... I am pretty sure I have heard it before... somewhere. Oh well, I will find out about that later. I'm sure it's nothing too important.

I would call yesterday very successful, I got lots of information what I can tell forward. I feel good now.

Today I found another little camp near the Little Hill. There was few people and I offered them some supplies. It's very good way to gain people's trust. So simple. We went to Chernogorsk together to get some more supplies and when we were driving back, I heard them talking about Council, again. There wasn't anything useful really what I could get from that conversation but it is always nice to hear how people are so concerned and they have no clue about anything. But they will, soon enough. We just need few more test runs before... Well I better not say anything more, you know, just in case.

I will tell you more later when there is something happening again, ok? Now I need to go and get some rest, it's tireing to smile all the time.

*Closes her little Book and blows a kiss in the air, catching it and placing it on its cover before hiding it again*

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That was a good read Gina and don't worry the Rebellion will crush you all ;)

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Please Gina!

This was so interesting!

There surely has to be more!

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