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The Siege of De_Nuke

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After such a heart-touching game of Counter Strike I felt I had to document it in a story:

We were a band of few men, none of us got along and bickering ran through our ranks as a river cut through land. It began with mocking, one bandit would ask the other if he was impaired of sight after missing some bullets, another would chant the others name as if to antagonize. Though, we all had one objective and that was to plant an explosive charge in the center of a warehouse known only to the U.S government as 'Operation Nuke'.

We had lost many wars and battles just prior to our mission at Nuke - our morale was running low and our chances of succeeding with our devastating plan became further and further distant. Our numbers were growing thin and it seemed the opposition had the upper hand each and every time we pushed through those metal doors and into that empty warehouse. Our men were peppered with various calibers of ammunition be it a puny P90, a deadly M4A3 or a 50 caliber AWP Magnum and as our hope of shattering the steel fortress became almost a dream, we started to come back with a fiery vengeance.

After all of our arguments and bickering, I stood up, and said "These dogs are no match for us, we were born in the pits hell and only Satan himself could banish us from this Earth! Let us rejoice and plant that satchel charge deep in the underbelly of this god-forsaken factory and let all of those who call themselves S.W.A.T tremble in their visors at the thought of our cunning strategies that brought this shit hole down!". Roars of claps and thunderous battle cries shuddered through-out the communications and at that point - although we did not know it. The tables had suddenly been spun in our favour.

It started with a simple route, we in the trade call it "Outside". At first the men doubted me, since I was not leading us in kills - only in pride. However, they reluctantly followed. We took few casualties and diminished the numbers of the men in fancy armour. Then, I cried "Ramp!". We stormed down the slope into the depths of the metallic castle, spraying down those filthy visor-faces left and right.

Once more, we went outside, to be met with a flood of peasants with guns - though, they were no match to the sheer power we had brought with us. Again, we pressed outside and won the fourth attack in a row. Then, to spice things up we decided to pull a stunt so unheard of, one of incredible danger. Known only as, a "Vent Dive". In we fled like a plague of mighty marksmen, hurtling down the vents like angry wasps exiting a hive. Another devastating blow was engraved into the chest of the S.W.A.T that day.

We returned to our camp, just outside of the factory entrance, ready the pummel the visors again shortly after. Many more days passed with successful attacks upon the fortress. The end was coming near, each day their army was weaker and more vulnerable to our unavoidable attacks. Until that day came... I, general Krimbo, decided it was our fate and destiny to once again blast our way down the ramp and into the aluminium dungeons beneath - a perfect place to plant a bomb.

We fired down the alley and took two instant dents in their ranks, before holding the entire bottom floor of the compound under complete lock-down whilst we secured the satchel charge in place. However, we were not only sent to plant that bomb - we were sent there to sacrifice our lives to make sure it exploded. We all knew that when we signed up, it had to be done. Each second a different enemy would appear, trying desperately to diffuse the bomb. Each of them fell, a lifeless corpse. We couldn't be stopped, not even the Navy Seals could contest us. The timer ticked, the end was near. We glanced across the room at each other. Before we saw hatred, this time it was respect. We nodded and shouted "Long live Krimbo!" before the final tick had tocked. Suddenly, the entire complex was engulfed in a tremendous flame.

We had succeeded.

Our mission was complete.

We conquered.



They even gave me a commendation as a 'leader' even though we were arguing like mad for the first half of the game. I would have bet money we would have lost, after loosing so many rounds as CT, but no. Best game of CS I've played, what legends :D

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I just remembered this thread, and realized it never had a single reader/comment - the poor thing. So I thought I'd give it a little bump to give people a chance to see it since I posted it at 5am originally!

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Guest Brāy

Hahahaha "we decided to pull a stunt so unheard of, one of incredible danger. Known only as, a "Vent Dive"

its funny how your team change from when you're losing and winning ;)

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  • Sapphire

Those games that you make an amazing comeback. I love em'

Good story :P

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General Krimbo sits back in the fight with his AWP clutched in his greasy hands, merely commanding from the rear. In a moment of madness he exclaims 'Guys, the ramp is clear', after making an oddly aggressive push. His men trusting in his judgement rush through, only to be greeted by a man in the ramp room with a PP-Bizon.

The blood of his friends quickly colour the walls as he stands there proudly, completely unaware of the fallen, looking through his scope.

BANG! A bullet flies through his head followed by the echo of an expletive ringing in the air. General Krimbo has fallen, we lost the game. GG WP.

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