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// Be warned, this is me trying to become better at writing RP stories, so...it may be quite poor, I'd love to make it more...presentable but im no good at that kind of thing. :/

One mans journey to Chernogorsk

This is the story of a man, returning home from horrible experiences in the north.

In a whistling and creaking shack, hidden away in the woods far from civilisation, a lone man wrapped in a muddy old coat, and multiple jackets and trousers roots through an old chest, his face overgrown with a large beard and long scraggy hair, covered in mud, looking closer through the mud, you would see a face covered in scars, cuts and and only one functional eye, although still intact, the left hand side eye no longer works, he has the appeal of world war one soldier, slugging his way through the trenches.

He throws pieces of scrap, paper and empty tin cans out, searching for one miraculous tin can...just one can, which would bear the heavenly scent of baked beans. No such luck for this man though, groaning into the low, hoarse growl of a bear, he pulls himself up off the floor he looks around and hobbles over to the over side of the shack, puling up his trusty rifle, the name Dannie scratched into the side of it, name of a hated enemy, or a long lost lover? Slinging it around his back he leaves the shack, bracing for the cold winds, walking off deeper into the woods.



Wheezing, panting and what can only be known as hobbling his way through the forests, he couldn't help but take in the beauty of nature, looking around, staring at the little things, like a unique leaf and a beautiful flower, he couldn't help remember the beauty of the world, even in the wasteland that is the present world he lived in, he carried on through the wilderness, heading almost directly south, according to his home made compass, he decided enough was enough for today, and set up camp for the night.

Waking from a poor nights sleep, he looked in the distance, through the trees to see a lone stag, the man sat up and simply watched the stag proudly walk through the forest, for what felt like hours in a stunned, peaceful mood, the man just sat and thought of what once was, family, his home, his girlfriend, reaching into his backpack, he took a can, half full of beans and the last few swigs from a bottle of whisky, he ate, drank and blissfully spent the day relaxing, ignoring the thought of the pain and suffering he knew he was to stumble across once again in the near future.

Wandering the forest around his makeshift camp, he found a lonesome lake, where he bathed, the water was cool to the touch, but with a refreshing feel, he clambered into the water, washing away the mud, blood and sweat from his body. Leaning on the banks of the lake, he took his make shift knife, cutting away at the overgrown hair swamping his face, after 20 minutes of cutting he had created a reputable beard and reasonably short hair. After spending a couple hours washing all his jackets, coats, trousers and the works, the man returned to his camp, hanging the wet clothes on make shift washing lines out of logs and branches, hanging them above a large fire. After the essentials had dried out, he picked up his rifle and wandered into the forests...first job...dinner.


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  • Emerald

Yeah its major inspiration :)

I really recommend people watch that movie to improve their roleplay!

I watched it.

Thought it was crap. :D

Would agree not the best movie.

Saw it on Netflix and saw post-apocalyptic movie.

Watched it for improving my roleplay.

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