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Best night since weeks

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//Well, after i didn't often play the mod in the last weeks because i had no time and if i had time, i played the Standalone, today i decided to play again as the SA is nice but lacks the nice atmosphere the mod has, at least for me.

So, first i thought i go on S2 as i'm there regularly but as it was empty when i started playing, i hopped on S1.

When i had connected, i learned that it is night and i just love the nightime(though i raise my gamma/brightness a bit as i think the eyes can adapt to less light and it doesn't make sense that you are kind of blind in a fullmoon night).

Thank you all for making this night one of the best ones i had in the last weeks playing. :)

EDIT: It turned out that the idea to write down what happend turned into some kind of story so don't wonder if it sounds a bit strange in the beginning. :D//

A good night

When i woke up first after my short rest, i saw that no one had found my little hideout at the harbor of Berezino, I then started to sneak through berezino, attracting only one zombie and picked up some flares.

After i left the town, i traveled per foot on the road into the direction of gorka.

When i reached the town, i put down my tent and a campfire(with some more wood piles besides it) in the small forest with the little clearing between gorka and polana, from where i could see the road to polana and the gas station.

Then i sat down for, i don't know, maybe 4 hours and kept the fire burning, even through rain and wind, while listening to some 50's-swing radio.

After one hour, i had to chop some more wood from a nearby tree.

Right when i had begun, someone was running the hill upwards towards my little camp and said "Hello there?", i responded and a rough fellow stepped out of the dark into the light of my campfire.

We greeted each other and i asked him for his name, announcing that mine is Joshua.

He said his name was Magan and that he is looking for his friends.

Then he mentioned that he had found a car in the town nearby, i think he ment gorka by this, and that he want to try to fix it, so he can find his friends more easily.

As i'm a quite curious person, i tried to get to hear the story of him and asked him who his friends are and where they could be.

He said that he and his friends where from somalia and had been hold up in prison for a long time.

I was suprised about this, asked him why and he continued that they where accused of being pirates and terrorists and that they got locked up for that.

As i read, before all this, some articles and books about the problem of the somalian people and the coporations stealing the ressources of them, i stated that i can totally understand what he did and that he and his friends don't people like me, white people, that much, as he said.

After we sat a while on the fire and talked about him and that his friend are not so friendly persons as he is, he stated that he want to continue to search for parts at the nearby factory at polana and i asked him if he needs anything.

As he was fine, we said us both good bye and good luck and that he hoped to never met me with his friends, then he started to walk off.

After he walked a few meters, he turned around and told me that, if i should ever run into his friends, i should told them some greetings for Magan.

I nodded thankfully and said him good bye again while he wandered off.

After one more hour, it began to slightly rain and i tried to hide under my tent while keeping the fire burning.

As my mind and my eyes got sleepy, after the hours of walking and being awake, i thought i heard a glas bottle breaking just to my right in the dark of the little forest.

I looked into the direction from where the sound came and asked into the void "He-Hello? Is someone there?" but i got no response.

A few minutes, i watched for movement and grabbed my trusty mosin but since nothing moved, i said to myself(on my mothertounge german)"I probably imagined this." and turned back around to the campfire.

By then, i noticed some military boots in the left corner of my view, looked closer and jumped up because someone was standing right next to me.

I thought that i got a bit to thoughtless and greeted the man, who had his head cover in some scarf, weared some glasses and something wich seemed to be a green raincoat.

He said that he was sorry for the bottle and that he scared me, but that it was a surviving tactic for him...and to be honest, it worked pretty well.

As he asked if i would mind if he would sit down, i invited him to my fire and asked him for his name, stating mine too.

He said his name was Carib and that he was on his way to the camp at polana, wich i had never heard of.

As i mentioned this, he said it is a pretty tight camp, not like the one at prud, wich i also had no knowledge of.

I explained that, after the outpost got attacked and went down, i tried to stay away from bigger crouds and therefor didn't know about where people met these days.

Carib then asked me what i do there, in the middle of the woods, and asked me if i needed something.

I said that i was pretty well set but if he would have some spare vegetarian/vegan cans, i would trade the dried meat i got in my backpack.

He put scratched his chin and said that he may have some but that he would give the to me for free.

As he began searching in his backpack, i told him that i didn't need that much food but, as the spot seemed so busy, i could keep it and spread the supplies together with the information about the camp at polana to people who come by.

Carib agreed and i opened the entrance of my tent a bit more so he could throw the cans inside.

Then we sat for a bit longer, until a UAZ was running over the field nearby, but didn't seem to notice us.

I had seen the same UAZ a half hour ago, refueling at the nearby gas station, when i went to piss on a tree but it seemed that the two persons inside either didn't saw me or didn't care at all.

Carib said it could have been his friends on their way to the camp and that he should leave again and met them their.

Right as we wished each other good luck and he wanted to go, i noticed the patch on his arm and thougth that it seemed familiar.

As i looked closer, i recognized it as the patch of the Outpost Rangers, wich i met a few at the outpost at elektro and even got to knew one with the name Mace, a bit closer.

I asked Carib if he is a Ranger and he said that he was indeed one.

After more then one month not seeing any of them, i was glad that they where still running around, making the apocalypse a better place.

I looked at him and asked him if he knew if Mace was still around, kicking zombie's ass and if he could send him some greetings from me, even though i thought Mace probably wouldn't remember me.

He smiled and said that he will surely do so, well that Mace was even around at the camp he mentioned beforehand.

After hearing this, i got a smile on the face but as i felt terribly tired, i said to him that i would stay the night where i was and that i would come to the camp when daylight would come again.

We said good bye to each other and Carib left for the direction of polana.

As he was going to walk away, a pretty heavy rain started and he shouted that i should better stay inside my tent so i don't catch a cold, while i put on my ushanka a bit more tight.

After he was away, i putted some fresh wood inside the fire and layed down in my sleeping back, starting to fall asleep and finally drifted away into the land of dreams.

After a few hours, the rain had stopped to fall, i heard some screamings of on of these meatsacks in the far.

I grabbed my mosin while my eyes where still closed and started to open the entrance of the tent while i was opening my eyes.

I noticed that my fire was still burning and that it was in the middle of the night, roughly 3 hours after i fall asleep as a quick lood at my watch showed.

I then rushed out of the tent to the treeline and looked into the direction where i guessed the screaming.

After a few seconds i spotted a men, wearing some military uniform together with a helmet, running away from one of these ugly things.

The meatsack was maybe 10 meters behind the man but closing up quickly.

A short thought and i decided to aid the poor fellow, hoping i wouldn't regret it immediatly.

I looked through the hunting scope of my mosin, first at the guy in the military clothing to see any markings on him but he was too far away.

I then quickly watched at the meatsack behind him, at his unnatural sprinting and even from that far away i could see the desire and hatred against the man infront of him.

I aimed two dots infront of the thing and pulled the trigger.

The bullet hit him right under his throat, ripping off a whole the size of a baseball and cutting of his brain from the rest of the body.

He stumbled and finally falled down a few meters further, digging his ugly face into the dirt.

The "soldier", turned his head around to see his hunter fallen but since he heard the shot, he didn't stopped running.

At this point, i could totally understand his reaction even though a "thank you" would have been nice.

I ran down to the body of the zombie to check if he was indeed dead.

As i arrive, he looked at with his cold eyes, opening his mouth to scream but the bullet had destroyed his vocal cords and only his ugly breath reached me.

I looked at the head and said "Not today, fucker." and stomped on it with my boots.

A short look into the direction where the "soldier" was running but i did see nothing, the guy was long gone, lucky that he was still alive after the shot he had heard.

I turned around and walked back to my camp.

On approach, i took some more wood from the ground and putted it into the fire, then going back to my sleeping back and immediatly falling asleep.

Quite enough for today, i would say.

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