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RP Excuses.


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  • Sapphire
NLR - New Life Rule, death of your character removes any previous memory, knowledge (in relation to event that lead to your death), gear and revenge rights your character had.

So... I was thinking about writing a story on the Roleplay Topic and was going to use thngs that actually happened in game... But I have two questions.

Question 1º: I was in a "fight" with the Council at Dolina... I died... But could I say in the story that maybe I crawled away from the situation without no one noticing... Or maybe if I was saved by a stranger who just happens to be there? Just for the story?

Question 2º: Could I use this "I barely survived" excuse in-game aswell? IMHO it would be nice to have a story to tell at Lake Prud or any other camp, explain what happened and how you survived that terrible attack... But I still want to know if that's ok with the rules.

Keep in mind: OF COURSE I wouldn't go around telling I survived every single death in-game just so I could go back to where I died, that would be stupid and totally not cool. I just wanted to know if it'd be ok to just tell you survived a big battle or anything like that once in a while just for the RPs sake.

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Guest Pandi

When you get in a situation where you character dies, you don't have to perma death your character. You can always make up excuses how you survived, but they have to be realistic and not unrealistic.

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  • MVP

Yes. For RP purposes you could say that you survived an encounter. A few people say that they were knocked unconscious or dragged away by friends etc etc.

Nobody can say to you "Oh I saw your dead body at such and such". Well, they can but it would be bad RP.

I've heard quite a few stories about how people have survived encounters where they died in-game, but RP wise they survived.

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  • Emerald

This is completely fine. If you die in a firefight and someone says, "oh, but I thought you was shot and killed last night?" You can always reply with something like, "No my friend, the enemy had an appalling shot and fortunately for me they had only hit me in the shoulder. After being injured I waited for the enemies to clear out of the area and I then made my way to here looking for some help". That is fine. Other excuses are also fine. But, as Panda said, they must be realistic and RP'able. If that makes sense?

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  • Sapphire

Thanks everyone for the replies!

You guys can mark this as [solved] now!

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