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Ban Appeal

Guest Dot-Tastic

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Guest Dot-Tastic

Link to report : 2 ban reports 20/30 warning points

Messaging Mace in pm saying "show me how to rp" 10 warning points

I want to appeal for the flame baiting.

Why the verdict is not fair : 10 warning points is alot for flame baiting, i understand getting 5, but 10 is alot especially since it was my last bit of warning points.

Additional statements/comments explaining your PoV (in details) : Every once in a while everyone gets annoyed or upset at what someone sais, whether it be what they wrote, the tone they said it in, or what they did. I seemed like Maces "constructive criticism" was said in negative way, and it flame baited me to pm him.

"You should know how to behave yourselves and how to carry yourselves ICly better than that."

"Instead of SDS4lyfe, you might want to think about RP4Soemtimes."

This really came across to me like it was more then criticism, especially after Rolle already addressed the situation. This has lead me on to message him. But enough about him, in the end i shouldn't have took the bait. I know it was my fault, but i feel like what i messaged him was more of a sarcastic way of expressing my feelings towards him and not flaming him.(Im not looking for mace to get in trouble, just honestly expressing my thinking at the time)

I was never at such a high warning level ever. I just think i messed up and should deserve another chance. I know i should have taken the constructive criticism, but i just strongly disagreed with him, and should of just told him that and taken the criticism. I know that i can be pushing buttons sometimes, but in-game and in TS i think i am a really good guy and should'nt deserve to be banned for such a harsh punishment.

I can understand if i flamed him by being immature and calling him cuss words, or being racist or sexist, but i didn't. I made a sarcastic remark which i shouldn't have, but i think the punishment was a very harsh considering what i said, and my past history with bans. I am not a repetitive offender, i do not disrespect admins or KOS contently, i keep my warning levels very low untill these past days, where i made a few mistakes as it happens to everyone.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal : to get unbanned and my warning points to get dropped by 5 to 25/30.

What could you have done better? I should of taken the criticism that mace gave me, and tried to improve. What i should of done was accepted the response, realized that i disagreed with his opinion and moved on, rather then continuing with what i did. I would like to write more, but i have said everything about my side of the story, and would like to hear the opinions of the staff members and take their criticism.

I know maybe OOC some admins may not like me because of my attitude on the reports, but many have never spoken to me in TS, or played with me.If you were to play with me your opinion of me would probably change, please don't judge me by my attitude on the fourms, and please give my appeal a fair chance.

Also, i had nothing to do with the SDS fourm after i got banned, but i do apologize to the admins for my clanmates continuing after you told them to stop. I realize they were upset, and i can understand that. I also apologize to Mace for being a smart ass, when it was really not necessary.

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  • Community Manager

After reviewing the evidence presented and the events that happened we have decided that you will be given another chance here on DayZRP. You will get 5 warning points instead of 10 for the offence.

But keep in mind, you need to contain yourself specially when your warning points is at such high level. Make good use of the second chance and don't mess up again.

Appeal granted

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