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Through the eyes of a Raven

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  • Sapphire

For those who read this after all these years,

My name is Nickolai Lorington and this is somewhat of my therapy. If somehow you read this and you do not know what is going on, the apocalyps has happened, hell has bursted open and its minions are walking on our world. Anyway, I'm writing this sort of diary on loose papers that I find, so these might not all be of the same quality. But I don't care, I want someone to know what I have done and what has become of me.

Now who am I ... Back when the world was normal, I was a hunter and lived in the forest in between Mogilevka and Staroye. I lived together with my wife until the day my beloved one was taken from me. From that day on I wanted nothing but revenge until after a year of searching I had what I wanted, the cold corpse of the scumbag who robbed me of my loved one.

After that I wandered around and eventually ended up meeting the man who changed my life drasticaly. Mister Morgan Riggs, leader of Raven Shield Corporation and now my current employer and friend. Morgan showed me how to continue with living and how to survive in a land filled with infected people and bandits. He introduced me to a lot of different people and eventually gave me a family I missed so far. But that was not all, he gave me a purpose in life, I would work for people who needed me the most and I would get resources that would help me survive this hellhole.

I have to thank my life to that man and for this, I will never wave from his side and will stay at his side as a Raven Veteran. A shadow for many, a savior for those in need and an enemy for few.

*ending of page 1*

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  • Sapphire

*page 2*

I don't know how all this started or where this has started but I know one thing for sure: I will not die because of this infection. I will survive and I will tell people my story and if I don't survive, people will read it instead of hearing it. Eitherway, the legacy of the ravens will be told. I've been throgh alt with my companions, from being horded by the infected to being attacked by groups of bandits. But not every moment was bad though, we had drunk nights around a campfire or hosted the raven's nest for others. From securing a VIP to just going out to the airfields in the northern side of chernarus and scavenge what has been left by the army. Those are all memories of my comrades and I can not wait to meet up with them again. I have split of from my group because I had slept logner than they have and they needed to go, that is the way of the raven. They trust in my skills and I have now a mission.


Day 1:

I woke up at the edges of Krutoy cap, the cold and stubborn nights in chernarus is what catches me off guard all the time. That frost filled wind that flows through the darkness and makes leaves whistle soft songs of terror into the ears of the unwary. Nighttime, the worst time to wake up and be energized. But I have to do this, to survive I have to make way with what I have. I only noticed shortly after I woke up that my jacket and boots had grown mold in them and so I discarded them and took out my spare clothing. A normal shirt and some sneakers, and by god it was freezing. I needed to find a fire or a warm home to comfort my frozen body from the horrid night that was tainting it. I have to keep moving, I have to keep my body warm and fight off the sleep that the cold will endorce into my body soon. I started moving to elektrozavodsk, I hope that I can find something there that can keep me warm. I need to focus, the darkness will shroud my approach.

*end of page 2*

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  • Sapphire

*beginning of page 3*

As the darkness has covered my trail from Krutoy cap to the mountains just north-west of chernogorsk, I first spot the troubles that I have heard and met before. Raiders.

Armed-to-the-teeth men that seek nothing but the destruction of others to work in their favour. I had to take it slow and easy then, I wasn't fully armed yet as I only visited a few houses on my way to here. I snook up closer to them and I counted at least three of them and as I did, I overheard them talking. These are no ordinairy raiders, these are the worst kind of all, they hunt on the weak, they stay around the shoreline and hunt whatever they can find with their group entirely. I waited until they head east and out of sight to continue on my way. Now that I had the shades watching over me again, I could make my move towards Balota. This was my goal from the start, Balota is a place where I can get myself rearmed pretty easily, atleast that is what I though at the start.

I arrived at Balota only to find it plundered almost completely by people that had thought the same as me. I only found a handfull of things that were to my use. I found some warm camouflaged clothing, in an autumn fashion that is, a sawn off shotgun along with ten shotgun shells that were conveniently close together, A big hicking backpack and last but not least a chest holster which I put the revolver in that I had found as well. For the rest a basic supply of food and water, this would probably prove sufficient enough to keep me alive and healthy while I travelled towards what was going to be my second objective.

Zelenogorsk. Perhaps the largest city of all on the western side of Chernarus and the target for my survival plan. This is going to be my base of operations, I have a little stash planted away in the city and I know exactly where it is. Food, water and a replacement for this mediocre weapon. My old hunting rifle, the thing was made in the last wars and was mass produced but I got my hands on one that was exceptional. The SKS, a beautifull weapon with a nice hunting scope on it which has already saved me multiple times before. I chose to store it away because we needed to move fast to our last objective.

I hope I will see my fellow ravens again, I hope they are alive and fighting off the infected like we used to. I will use what they taught me in order to find them again. The last thing I forgot to mention, is that I now possess a walkie-talkie, a short ranged one but I still treasure it, I keep it on frequency 94,6, I hope that some time soon, I can contact someone who is actually not already undead or not a bandit.

*end of page 3*

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  • Sapphire

*beginning of page 4*

Day 2

I don't even know why I'm living anymore. The things I saw today were horrifying. How can we call ourselves humanity even now, it's a horryfying sight to see people murdering other people, but the ways how people act and think. I think we're as much as monsters as the wanderers, the mindless, the bloodthirsty zombies that wont think twice to rip a person to shreds for their instinctive feelings of greed and hunger.

Anyway, let me explain what happened. I travelled a long while and found myself on the outskirts of Zelenogorsk. By the time I reached my objective, it was dusk already. My personal stash was hidden burried underneath a rock next to the church. I found my gear again, a marpat uniform that I personally made for myself by cutting a lot of other pieces of clothing together and sewing it into a uniform. My old trusty SKS was there as well, a hunting scope was mounted on the weapon and I still had 4-5 full clips of ammo. But then I heard something that made me flinch and search for cover, a couple of gunshots from the center of town. Someone was there, someone who was armed, someone who I didn't knew that was so close. I went into a two-story building close to the church and started searching for the person that had shot those rounds. And soon I found him or rather them. Two militairy armed men with high grade weaponry were walking down the street but then when I looked more left, I saw a man dragging another person with rope attached to his wrists. The person had a jute bag over his head and seemed scared as hell. I continued to observe them, clearly knowing that if I would shoot, I would be outgunned and would be in danger for my life.

The three armed men continued their way until they reached the grocery store on the main street. That is where they tied up the person to the pillar of the entrance and let him be there. But then what continued in the situation was horrifying. One of the men came outside and fired of another round, this time a loud gunshot which attracted the dead. Soon, three zombies came running towards the grocery store. At that time the men had shut down the doors of the grocery store and had locked it with a wooden beam infront of it. The zombies attacked the innocent person outside, started ripping him appart and that's when I saw it. One of the dead had ripped off the bag from the head of the person and out came long hair and a female face. A woman. These bastards had left a woman outside to be eaten by the zombies, to be lost her life in such a way instead of getting any hope in reproducing or even surviving on her own. Her chances were taken away.

The darkness had consumed her and was lurking around the store, still consuming it's recent gift from the men. But now, the darkness would turn against them. I, a raven, will force the darkness upon them and will take the lives of those who have taken not only a life but a soul, a goal and an innocent person. I swear they will pay for what they did.

*end of page 4*

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  • Sapphire

*Beginning of page 5*

Day 13:

It's been some time now. I have forgotten to write in my journal, the one true thing that will be my legacy and just now I have found it in the bottom of my backpack underneath my supplies and rags that I had stored down in it. Where do I begin ? Oh I remember now, the hunt ... Those two bandits werent the only ones that were hunting for either a good score or a fun time to waste their miserable life with. As of then, I had sworn revenge for the poor soul they had left to her demise, I had promised her fleeting memory to be written down and be taken revenge for and so I have done.

After two days of tracking the bandits I had finally found their hideout. A small shack in the hills that had both cover of the trees and the low-growing shrubbery of its surroundings, a perfect place to spawn their dangerous yet evil plans. I took watch over the house and had found that there were two more people inside of the shack, they might have been their captives or they might have their friends but they hadn't left the shack for as long as I had been there. But I had no time to find out, before the night had covered the entire area, all four people had left the shack and were on the move. I followed through the shadows and at the right time, I would strike them down with the pure and utter revenge of the spirit that was still lurking in the afterlife to see the results of her demise.

They stopped in an open plane under the moon's light and now I saw clearly that the other two people were as captive as the woman was from the days before. They both had burlap sacks over their heads and were handcuffed behind their backs, I gritted my teeth and knew that I had to make my move soon before both of them would share the same fate as their first victim, or at least what I assume to be their first. I laid myself down ontop of a rock that had formed over the years and looked through the visor of my scope. I put my finger on the trigger and exhaled and inhaled slowly, my breathing was stable and my grip was tight. My sight focused on the standing targets and in a matter of moments, two loud shots resounded through the cold air of the night.

I knew my aim and shots had been true and at that moment I felt the feelings of revenge float from my mind as I stood up and made my way over to observe the situation and as I grew closer and closer, I could hear the pleas of mercy from the two captives. "Don't kill us please, we have done nothing wrong and were just passing by, we're just as much survivors as you are, please have mercy on us and let us go." It was a female voice that spread across the whole field, a sheer cry of fear and sadness out of pure hope for mercy. I swung my rifle onto my back and sighed gently "Have no more fear woman, I am not your captor but your savior." The woman seemed to be in distress but I soon had releaved her from it as I undid both of their burlap sacks and looked at them. The woman started crying and kept repeating "Thank you," to me as I looked upon the other captive and saw that it was merely a young boy. A 17 year old that had his mouth taped shut that looked up at me, his face covered in tears and snot from the heavy crying he had been doing. I reassured them both that they were safe now and undid them off their handcuffs. I gave them a two-days ration and said my goodbye and pointed them into the direction of the former Raven's Nest, where The Ravens ruled and kept the innocent safe. And then I continued my Travelling ...

*end of page 5*

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