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Daniel "Danny" Adams, an extract from my life in Chernarus.

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After arriving at Chernarus Danny found himself a fish out of water, after gathering things to sell to people he realised people were more interested in taking things from him. After this kept happening Danny became more reclusive, opting to take the supplies and stash them, attempting to avoid people at all costs. until, by accident, he happened upon a group of survivors calling themselves the Brotherhood of Steel.

The Group not only didn't rob him but actively helped him, to Danny this was more confusing than comforting. Disregarding their help as having a deeper and more sinister motive he initially didn't trust them but slowly came around and started following them around.

At this point Danny met their leader who was referred to as "stryker"

by his underlings Danny felt a strange compulsion to trust this man and despite the horrors that were going on during the apocalypse and being so far away from his home, Danny slowly began to enjoy himself again being surrounded by these people.

When Stryker asked him to join, he decided to give up on his goal of trading with people and help the people who had initially helped him in furthering their cause.

After gaining the trust of the higher ups and doing well in military training he raised through the ranks and although he has met trouble along the way, The good times with his new friends have easily outweighed the bad.

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Comrade Danny. It was an honor bringing you back to Stryker.

I have seen you grow through the ranks of the Brother Hood Of Steel.

I salute you comrade.

// next time add Cal :D

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