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Kees Petersen a simple man


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*goes for a sit at the campfire in the woods against a tree.*

*starts writing down in the journal he just found in a local store*

My name is Kees Petersen, for everyone who reads this enjoy my life.

It is been months or maybe years now since the infection spread, i have no clue of time or date. I just know when the day finish and when the other starts.

This is my first time i write here and so i will begin my journal with this day.

This day i woke up near lake Prud a small camp where people come together telling each other story's of experiences they came across.

I've met a guy named josh there, he came in the camp asking for help.

While bleeding and badly hurt I started to give him medical treatment.

We spoke a little and some other people came along which i can't remember any names of.

*takes a huge sip from the bottle of wiskey i found*

*cough cough*

When getting back from a loot run from Stary Sobor what almost went wrong for me, josh and i found these two guys who are apparently dead.

We agreed for a proper cremation. Ray or Jay from B-17 started to help us out by collecting wood.

Jay thought fire alone wasn't enough


The man his name was not found, no papers on his body or any dog tags.

Unfortunate we had to let him burn as an unknown.

The other guy his name is also lost in my memory, he fell down from a helicopter.



Salute to these man, may they be in a better place... If there is any.

I will now just go to sleep and let the fire burn out and see what tomorrow will bring me.. If i will still be alive, or will survive.

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