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Ray Spreadbury (SA)

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Rev. Ray Spreadbury, a former Jesuit priest and "Primus inter pares" of the "Society of Jesus" A Catholic military order displaying a willingness to accept assignments anywhere in the world and to live in extreme conditions where required. Having experienced war and suffering on unimaginable scales throughout the world, has come to the conclusion that God has abandonded the world if ever having existed at all.

After news of the outbreak in Europe spread his order brought him back into the fold. The Beowulf Circle, an informal group of scholars dedicated to the study of the undead and with the eventual aim of discovering whether "Satan" as a physical, orchestrating being might actually exist and is acting as an authority figure directing the activities of the undead.

Believing Chernarus, the hub of the outbreak, to be the resting ground of this "Satan" Ray Spreadbury is sent to investigate these claims. His own personal salvation and perhaps his sanity could depend on what is found here in this broken landscape.

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