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Anyone with experience setting up CSGO servers

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Not sure if right topic or not :D

Iv'e bought a server for EGL to mess around on, it's very cheap so what the heck.

It'll be open for people to play on just ask me for the password.

I need help setting it up, i just want it to be competitive style and playing on a few maps (dust 2 and nuke ect).

I have access to the main cfg's as i host it off of Vilayer.

Could someone help, Lundborg is helping but he is offline atm and i dont want to bug him with it :)!

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This thread would be better suited for off topic discussions. The general discussion thread is used for discussions regarding dayzRP.

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  • Sapphire

Reeedy you should definitely ask Lundborg, he's the one who set up the server at my CS:GO event :) send him a PM!

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  • Community Manager

You can use the Official CS:GO Thread for questions like this. Also this should've been in Off-Topic.


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