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Warning Points Appeal - Panda

Guest Pandi

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Guest Pandi

Link to report : http://www.dayzrp.com/t-formal-rp1-radio-station-metagaming-abuse-of-game-mechanics-27-02-14-20-15

Why the verdict is not fair : All I had done was changed my skin to add to the roleplay and I'm getting 5 warning points which is silly. Verdict / Reason for my warning points is: Guilty of Logging Out in a Hostile Situation. I hardly logged out in a hostile action, I'll explain more below.

Additional statements/comments explaining your PoV (in details) : Right, so I'm going to explain how this verdict is wrong and how it is wrong for me to receive these warning points.

How was I suppose to know if a hostile action was going to happen? You might ask me why I changed my skin, knowing Volki was in your presence. Well just because Volki is around, this shouldn't stop me from changing my skin, I had been RP'ing with James for 5 minutes or so. As I said, I changed my skin for the roleplay. I was wearing a Hazmat suit, I was RP'ing I was boiling and I was sweating in the suit as it was a warm summers day, I also said that we had just interacted with the Council, they have smoke grenades and I was using the Hazmat suit as protection. I then went to change skin, I said I'd be back in a minute, I went up the hill, in to a bush, then Burgz and Viktor the civilian told James not to turn around as I was changing and it would be rude to look.

I don't see how I did anything wrong, I can agree with it wasn't a great time to change it, but then you can't give me warning points for logging out when in a pre-hostile action. It's not like I did it on purpose, I did it for good roleplay reasoning and I'm getting punished for it.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal : Warning Points revoked.

What could you have done better? Not to log out within any player interaction.

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  • Community Manager

You logged out prior to the initiation and you notified them about the fact that you relogged. Volki waited around 2 minutes before initiating and that was not enough time to do so, but they also got the punishment for it.

The way that your punishment is worded, "Guilty of Logging Out in a Hostile Situation" is not quite correct. You logged out prior to it, even though you knew that Volki was your enemies. If you had logged out after the initiation the story would've been different.

With the points you have made in your appeal and after having reviewed the evidence presented in the report we have decided to remove the warning points and grant the appeal

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