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hey everyone

yesterday i have submitted myself to the whitelist cause i would realy love to play an dayz server that i can trust to be good like Dayzrp.

to many servers with to many bullies.. you know what i mean ;)

But i am standing in an que at this moment


Your application has been submitted and is awaiting review!

Please come back later to check your application status!

Your current estimated place in queue: 14/25

The queue is going up and down. An hour ago i was 13/25 and now i am 14/25 again wile i was yesterday 18/25

My question is: how long does it take to be accepted to this amazing server ??

cause i realy want to play but i dont understand the queue.

Can anyone help me... Merci :)


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  • Emerald

Just wait. Your application will be reviewed. The more you write the faster it is reviewed. Also if you want you can donate to get a faster review as you get put into the priority que.

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