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well... im Chriss, 18years, German (Bavaria)yup, "Oktoberfest and these stuff ;)"

I played also the DayZ-Mod long before the standalone was released. Somehow i missed the social part in the standalone... it became more Deathmatch and KoS and less this Bandit/Hero-roleplay where you have to think twice who is trustable...

so i found this forum

I apologize for some spelling mistakes :)

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  • MVP

Hello there Chriss, Welcome to DayZRP.

If you need anything then feel free to message myself and I'd be willing to help.

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Welcome Chriss,

Hope you enjoy your stay,Take a look around the forum and make sure you learn the rules

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  • Emerald

Hello, and welcome to DayZRP, Chris!

There are quite a few German members around here, so don't worry!

Not to worry, here it's all about RP! If you don't want to walk into Elektro and instantly be killed then here is definitely the place for you! Yeah, you may be robbed, but if the robber is a good roleplayer it'll be very enjoyabele. You'll be even more lucky if it's a clan, executions are very fun to be apart of.

Not to worry about spelling. No mistakes from what I can see. Either way, you're completely understandable and have good English skills.

If you need any help, I'm always browsing around the forums. So, drop me a PM and I'll be more than happy to help you out with any questions or problems you have.

To end with, best of luck! :)

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thanks all,

You will meet me at the server, probably only standalone cause i got some trouble with the mod :/

one question: does the "RP"-tag mean that they are just from this forum or admins/mods ?

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  • Emerald

It means they are from this forum/community. Anyone without it is most likey a random.

And welcome to the server!

If you have any more questions, feel free to PM me!

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