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Armed vehicles

Do you approve of adding these vehicles to dayzRP?  

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  • MVP

Something that's been on my mind for a long time is vehicle diversity, and why we dont have more of them. This primarily applies to armed vehicles. It has been suggested before and never gotten anywhere, but im gonna give this another go, because I think it would be suitable.


So why more armed vehicles? Well, it makes sense. You put heavy weapons on a car, its a technical. And that is fairly low-tech and easy to arrange, even in a post-apocalypse. There's all sorts of hardware lying around from the constant warfare, CDF and the international task force.

And they are really not that OP. They add firepower, sure, but the point that a lot of people seem to miss is that they are 1: Perfectly obvious and visible targets and 2: The gunners are exposed.

So in a sense, they're "glass cannons" because you can silence them very easily.

More armed vehicles can make roadblocks or anti-roadblock efforts more effective, and provide a bit of extra firepower but at the expense of vurnability. These vehicles would still be fairly rare of course, but in the end they wouldnt really make that much of a difference, just add more flavor and diversity.

If you still argue that we shouldnt have them, I'll just point to the fact that we already have vehicles with mounted weapons: The Mi-17 and the huey.

If we have helicopters with mounted guns(which is significantly more powerful then cars), then why not cars with mounted guns?

The "light" stuff

Offroad (DShKM)


The offroad is basicly just a camoflauged pickup truck with a machinegun at the back.

The DShKM is an old WW2-era soviet HMG that is big as hell, loud as hell and fires bullets that are this big:


So yes, it hurts. They can cut apart vehicles, helicopters, some weaker buildings and of course people in seconds. Some might recognize the rounds as the one used in the KSVK anti-material rifle.

All of this firepower is offset by a huge factor: Whenever the gunner fires, he lets everyone within 2km range know where he is, and he is -completly- exposed. Taking out the gunner on this truck is ridicilously easy, even from bigger ranges.

The DShKM also has a rather small mag for an HMG, 50 bullets, and its ammo is not frequently found in South Zagoria.(in fact it may be impossible to re-arm the car if you run out of ammo)

The car is also just a normal pickup, and vurnable to all small-arms fire.

Could these be found in South Zagoria?

The DShKM-offroad is definetly one of the most feasible "armed" vehicles to be found in South Zagoria. The car is just...a normal car, while the DShKM is old soviet hardware, which means they can be all over the place in both Chernarus and Takistan. They were used by both countries armed forces and by local guerillas.

The hard part isnt really explaining why this vehicle would make sense, but rather why there hasnt been a hundred of these cars driving around already.

Offroad (SPG-9)


Same thing as above, except with a mounted SPG-9 tube.

The SPG-9 is essentially a large recoilles gun that acts like a bigger and more stable RPG-7.

It is excellent against buildings and vehicles, and the heat rockets can be quite effective against entrenched players. It also comes with optics, but it takes a lot of practice to hit with "the tube" in order to hit targets far away.

However it suffers from the same drawbacks as the vehicle above: The gunner is -extremly- exposed. Anyone firing one of these makes himself a big target. Since the vehicle is so vurnable, even an offroad on the move can easily be brought down by small-arms fire.

Excellent against council armored vehicles. *hint hint*

Could these be found in South Zagoria?

Yes, they could. Same as with the above, really. Old soviet hardware coupled with a normal car. They could be all over the place, although possibly a bit more rare then the DShKM and PK versions of the car.

Pickup (PK)


The PK pickup is a "lighter" version then the DShKM offroad. Essentially, just a car with a russian machinegun attached to it. Nothing special really. Why dont we have these already, I wonder?

Its about as far from OP as it comes, as the PK cant even spin around 360 degrees, it is mounted at the top of the car and can only fire in a narrow angle up front.

The only notable advantage to the vehicle is that it may be possible to reload it with PKM ammo(I am yet to confirm this).

Could these be found in South Zagoria?

Car + common russian LMG. Yes, I think they'd be all over the place. This vehicle is as simple as it gets.

The "Heavy" stuff

So below are a couple of suggestions where the cars also has some basic armor and some measure of protection rather then just firepower. I still dont really think they're that OP, because I've tested it out and they are all quite vurnable to small-arms fire.

HMMWV (M240)


The HMMVW is already on the loot tables of dayzRP, and is a slightly resistant vehicle to small-arms fire. Small-caliber bullets will struggle to hurt the car, even the wheels, but higher-calibre bullets will eat it alive.

This version has an M240 machinegun mounted ontop along with a small shield for protection.

Too OP? Well, consider that a skilled marksman can still take out the gunner(the head is still -very- visible), not really. The M240 is a good MG and its a good force multiplier, but its still possible to stop this thing. The gunner is still vurnable, and everytime he descides to fire he gives away his position.

At a recent council event, the council attacked with a large amount of these cars. They were cut down very quickly by the defenders with nothing but small-arms.

Could these be found in South Zagoria?

We have normal HMMWVs, so why not? The M240 isnt a particurly rare MG and it stands to reason that a few of these could be found.

The UEF or the international task force could be sources of its presence.

Jackal 2 MWMIK


(note that the picture above has the desert skin, couldnt find a good picture of the one in the green skin.)

The jackal is like a british humvee in a sense, and has two machineguns along with enough things strapped to the car to make it look like its a bunch of nomads on the move.

This is probably the least powerful "heavy" vehicle in this suggestion thread, because although it has machineguns, it suffers from the same vurnability as the pickup trucks: the gunner is extremly exposed. The top L111 HMG has optics, but fires slowly and the gunner's a sitting duck. The front LMG gunner has the same problem as the gunner in the pickup PK truck: it can only fire in a narrow angle infront of the car.

Coupled with -very- light armor, the jackal is surprisingly non-OP. Its very fast though, which may be its only real advantage.

Everyone in the jackal is exposed, as the car has no exterior armor plating protecting its people, and normal 5.56 bullets can deflate the tires quickly, immobilizing the car.

All these qualities coupled with its interesting visual appeal makes it a top candidate for a vehicle that should be in dayzRP.

Could these be found in South Zagoria?

The jackal is a british vehicle, so it would be something of a rarity. Fortunetly, the international task force that came to South Zagoria to fight the infection had a lot of british people in it that died all over the place! This means that a fair few of these cars may be around, but probably not in any greater quantity.

(The only potential problem is that the L111 MG -may- use 50.cal bullets and therefore do no damage. Remains to be field-tested.)

Vodnik (2xPK)


The vodnik has been subject to some debate, as its been considered a fitting vehicle before.

A funny thing is that its the only vehicle in this list actually classified as "armored", but its armor is not thicker then that of a humvee. Smaller calibre-small arms will not hurt it, but higher-calibre small arms will. For example, most LMGs can not only immobilize it, but completly destroy it.(Although it takes a fair few bullets to do this)

This version's only armaments are two PK LMG's that have the gunners exposed and their field of fire very limited.

Could these be found in South Zagoria?

The Vodnik is russian, so its fairly easy to assume that a few of these could be found here, Chernarus bordering Russia and everything.

Russia's activities during the infection could more then enough warrant a few vodnik's lying around.

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  • Emerald

Jesus Christ, a lot of these vehicles are too powerful. I wouldn't mind 1 humvee with an M240 mounted on it. But, no 50.cals, RPGs or heavily armoured vehicles. As said, they would be much too powerful. We already have a tank roaming the air.

A nice thought, but a bit to extreme perhaps? Going with a -1.

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  • Sapphire

I think it's a good idea. We need some more mix-ups in firefights, not just plain gun fights, I think they'll be cool, and if they aren't, remove them. No harm in having them for a while, +1.

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  • Emerald

Yes to the technicals and maybe a few armed humvees. But surely the vodnik and even the humvee are too overpowered? Although the humvee isn't too tough, the gunner has full 360 degree view and full front protection. Combine that with ArmA desync, vehicle speed and marksman skills... The gunner isn't too vulnerable after all.

The vodnik isn't too OP, it is fairly armoured and gunners are decently exploded. However the gunners can easily switch in and out of the seat making them almost unkillable if they do it fast enough. Add on the factors I said above and this may be a bit too overpowered.

The technicals and mounted PKTs seem fine. They have a limited turning radius and cannot switch seats. These are perfect for RP in my opinion.

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  • MVP

Jesus Christ, a lot of these vehicles are too powerful. I wouldn't mind 1 humvee with an M240 mounted on it. But, no 50.cals, RPGs or heavily armoured vehicles. As said, they would be much too powerful. We already have a tank roaming the air.

A nice thought, but a bit to extreme perhaps? Going with a -1.

Well, the humvee is actually the one with the heaviest "armor" in this list.

The vodnik? Higher calibre small-arms will cut it apart completly.

We already have LMG's on helicopters(hell, there's been mounted LMG's on the huey for a hundred years in dayZ and dayzRP), and we've had RPG-7s for a long time as well.

Really not seeing the OP part, especielly on the lighter pickup trucks. Dont just look at the size of the gun, look at how exposed the gunner is.

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  • Emerald

Only the light ones as the gunner is pure sniper bait.

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  • MVP


Only to the PK technical though, it would make 100% sense and is less OP than a Huey.

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yes, because after all, chernarus is the capital of the world in zombie apocalypse.

and as well, if we have so many eastern/western guns, powerful n shit, this wont hurt.

yes +1

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Personally, I think adding things like this just encourages people to be more militarized than they already are. We should focus more on things to improve role-play, not firefights in my opinion.

EDIT: -1

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  • Sapphire

Offroad (DShKM),Pickup (PK),HMMWV (M240) these 3 are OK rest I dont like.

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  • Emerald

Only yes to the DShKM and the PK vehicles, the rest of them no thanks. The SPG-9 is going to be horrificly stupid, the Dshkm and the PK have the civilian survival style to them, seen as how they are used by Indi on Arma. I dont want the Humvee either cos...idk...I just dont, then the Jackal isn't used in Chernarus so no and then finally the Vodnik im so/so about, if its added I wont complain, same for if it isnt.

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Guest John Le Bear

Im up for adding all of them. Since being a member of JBG I have found myself in firefights a lot more often than I used to. So just the plain gun fights get a little boring after a while.

Adding all of these would make fights so much more fun. It actually gives you an objective and something to worry about.

Also just imagine seeing that drive past you when you are walking to Cherno.

So many possibilities with them other than firefights. Im all in.

Huge +1 from me.

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I am all for armed cars but........ And there's a big but they should have no ammo and you have to find it and it's uber rare, I would also like to see more older cars with guns, like the ones that's are in dayz i44 Second World War style that have been left over in cherno, That why I voted not sure

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Guest johnygt7

Yes to all!

But as Neom said, make it uber rare to find ammo.

On top of that maybe make the most Overpowered ones dispawn on restart and spawn in a different location?

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  • Emerald

I agree with Neon. The ammo is super rare, and the vehicles are badly damaged and you have to repair them.

Good concept, but would be insanely hard to implement the ammo quality.

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  • Sapphire

All of my yes'.

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  • Diamond

+1 for PKMs, M240s and all

NO for SPG9, HMG and others, because those seem really too excessive, especially Jackal, HOW THE HELL DOES ONE END UP IN CHERNARUS!? I dont think it any sense what so ever even with the explaination.

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