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Trade Post - The New Guard Post?


Time Limit on keeping vechiles in trade post?  

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There is an issue of a safe area that is supposed to be used for the trading of items and vehicles as well as meeting up with some of the in-game community and major parts of role-playing. It is supported by a few rules such as:

8.1 Trade Post is neutral: no group can control it, take it over or attack it.

Thus being it is an ideal safe haven for players to sit in for a while. However i think the definition of the trade post is being stretched a bit far when the same vehicles are left in there for more than 24 hours unmoved untouched safe putting items in and taking them out making them untouchable tents to other players.

How are the vehicles supposed to cycle, the RP to take those vehicles initiated or found around the map if they are under constant protection of the trade post rules. Completely ruining anyone chances of finding them or robbing them from players. Not only is there 4-5 vehicles that have not been moved but 4 of them are the best to find in the game.

The trade post is as stated a trade post, it is by no definition a player controlled base or a guard post. I am here asking for the community to see the trade post for what it is and if they wish to keep their vehicles together and guarded day and night then to use the Player Controlled Bases Rolle has already created for that purpose. The player controlled bases have everything the trade post has except less chance of items being stolen or vehicles taken. You are allowed to kill on sight those who wish to take your vehicles.


Trade post is not a player controlled base.

Yes you should be able to have vehicles guarded in their for a few hours.

No you should not be able to keep them in their for extended periods of time past 5 hours guarding them for someone else.

If the person you are waiting for to trade with isn't there in the time limit then go away and comeback later.

Use a player controlled base.

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I agree with you Anubian, but I cant see how the rule would be enforced. For me it should be forbidden to stay with a vehicle in TP for longer than 2 hours. Time should be counted for a vehicle,not a person that is currently guarding it.

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I agree to a certain extent. The TP was never meant as a garage and even under guard, some people might be pushing it.

But under the current circumstances, I actually dont blame people for "exploiting this".

With so many littlebirds in the air, its all but guaranteed that any vehicle you hide anywhere is found in less then 12 hours. Rolle is working on a fix for that, so maybe once that's settled, something can be done about using the TP as a long-term guarded garage depot.

And I think 2 hours is too little, sometimes it takes a long time to sell a vehicle or the supplies you're vendoring. I'd say 5 or 6 hours at a time is more reasonable. Maybe even more under special circumstances.

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I agree that vehicles shouldn't be at TP for a long long period of time, but having a timer is just non sense to me. A rule like this will just make way more reports and im not sure if you can check in the logs how long you have been there. Also, you can just leave, and come back right after to restart the timer?

Instead of adding a timer, we should delete the TP from where it is, and add a very small TP that can not hold as many vehicles.

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Unless there is a way to stick a counter into the game or code, I would say it's too hard to monitor and control. Unless Rolle could find an efficient way of doing this, it would be a big waste of time seeing as there are so many other things the admin team already need to keep up with. A good suggestion though.

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I would like to point out this post that Rolle made in a suggestion thread.


Hmm... how about convert the current TP to a PCB, and create another PCB somewhere to the northwest? Clan fights maybe?

And then create a very small TP between Cherno and Elektro. Just thinking out loud.

It's very hard to place any structures at Cap Golova as the terrain there is hilly.

I was thinking of something like this:


or this, on the side of the road:


I agree with this and the reason i'm mentioning this is because there are no car spots, which I compeltely agree with. And I would also like the heli-pad to be removed.

I think these are the most important things for Rolle and the rest of the staff to work on currently.

- Relocate the TP and remove vehicle parking-spots.

- Change the KoS rule of the PCB's.

- Relocate the PCB's.

- Change the littlebird to super-supporter or remove it compeltely.

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