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Apology from Khoul

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I have already said this on our thread but i would like to make a thread just about this so more of the community sees.

The Khoul would like to formally apologize for the actions of our new member Supreme (He has been perma banded for Sexual Rp). Supreme was in our clan for around 18 hours, in that time we though of removing him due to some of his actions.

The incident that resulted in his perma ban he was not representing Khoul, no Khoul members where with him or even knew of what he was doing. We do not stick up for what he did and i believe that he deserved what he was given.

So Supreme and his actions do not represent the Khoul, we are nothing like that. We pride our self on our RP and reputation and if you have meet us in game you will know that. So please don't let his actions affect your views on out clan.

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Shouldn't this just be in your Clan thread? 98% of the population on the server doesn't know about the situation. Just saying ;o

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Well, he's the dumb one. I wouldn't even apologise for his actions to be fair. He was just being an utter idiot.

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