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Ban appeal - Scottd


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Link to banned players profile

Straight from "Scottd", I'll just be copying and pasting.

Link to report :

No Report

Why the verdict is not fair :

The verdict in my eyes and I imagine in the vast majority of the communities eyes is 100% fair, my incredibly stupid and rash decision not only completely trashed my name within the community and the staff but also that of The Brotherhood.

I personally made a second account and wrote a message of apology to all of the admins and Rolle, saying that I wouldn't bother with an appeal as I knew it wouldn't be accepted. I just wanted to express my deepest apologies to the staff member who had to deal with me.

If I could of sent a PM to the entire community I would of. For nearly a year I have played on DayzRP, only once ever receiving warning points and a ban, that being on my last day on the server, and then for no reason other than to simply try and get the last laugh I made a fatal error. One I would instantly regret

Additional statements/comments explaining your PoV (in details) :

After seeing the huge ban/warning point wave that hit Brotherhood, I suppose you could say I got a little "Hype" from the impending and inevitable Perma ban that was heading our way, even if In fact I only received a very small 3 day ban for CL.

I then made a Nazi image from google with the names of Admins a GM and a member of the Brotherhood Of Steel above it. I then posted it on the Brotherhood clan thread with a homophobic comment under it. All done within the 5 minutes I had left before work, I did this knowing that it would 100% result in my permanent banning from DayzRP.

After my permanent banning I realised I could edit the names of my dropbox images to the names of various pictures, In doing so this would automatically change any existing images to the new ones I had uploaded, Eg. The Nazi image and the Homophobic one.

This was done purely to try and get one last ditch at DayzRP, after I did this I had informed a few various non Brotherhood members to pretty much try and get Rolle or another Admins attention, I joined the TS and told Zhunk who I was and I believe directed him to my Images, he asked me to stop being a "idiot" essentially, I agreed, I then deleted my images so they would no longer show. I then left the teamspeak before getting banned for "BAD NAME".

After this I made a second account named "Ripinpieces" On this account I just browsed the forums without posting. I then made a PM to all of the Admins + Rolle apologising for my actions and stating that I would never make a ban appeal. Although that is clearly not all true.

I for one thoroughly enjoyed my time on DayzRP and would of hoped up until my perma banning would of been considered somewhat of a respected member of the community.

Any report I was part of I would always try to post and accurate and precise account of the event without every resorting to flaming or arguing over the forums, I guess this is what helped me achieve 0% warning for over 8 months whilst being in am all bandit clan.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal :

An amnesty appeal, to be able to play on DayzRP again. Even with a 97% permanent warning level, to prove that I can once again be a valuable member of the community and hopefully redeem at least some of my name on DayzRP again.

Even if Brotherhood was to be forever disbanded, unable to reborn as SKA and IRA have been made, the fact that I could still pop on to DayzRP to roleplay with the people I have enjoyed playing the game with for nearly a year.

What could you have done better?

Where to start? The mistakes I made when posting the image are unrivalled, It was an incredibly rash and stupidity decision I made mere moments before leaving, simply done to try and get a laugh and the last dig at DayzRP before getting permabanned.

I could of just stopped the whole event unfolding by simply changing our clan relations tab when asked. Instead I began making sarcastic comments directed and Rolle and other members. In a sense provoking other members and friends into posting silly comments which also jeopardised their position on DayzRP

After our bans came my mentally switch to a "We're getting banned anyway, I may as well" As soon as all the hype died down I knew how stupid I had been and how it was already too late to rectify my actions.

I personally believe my chances of me getting unbanned are extremely low if not non-existant. If this ban appeal is closed and my Permanent banning from DayzRP is done.

I would just like to say it was a pleasure to play with you all, and maybe will meet again be it on DayzRP or another server or game.


Peace out!

The Bald Brother, Scottd

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Alright, I'm going to make it a short and sweet one.

You made completely inappropriate images, that were extremely offensive in some people's eyes, and posted them on the website, with a "Fuck it" attitude.

That wasn't appropriate at all. Your actions were completely out of line, both on DayZRP's standards, and on an personal level.

And that's all there is to it. You showed that you have the capacity to do these things, and that you have a "Fuck it" mentality. What could happen if we let you back in with 29 out of 30 warning points, and you knew that you did something that'd give warning points? You might do anything. You might post indecent images on the forums again, or you might go on a KoS rampage, or anything along those lines.

Based on these points, we, as a staff team have decided to deny your ban appeal.

Have a nice day, chap.

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