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The story of "Wild" Finn Ó Leannáin

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This is my characters story, I haven't written anything substantial in years, so I was hoping for some peer review before a submit it for whitelisting.

Finn Ó Leannáin

Date of Birth: 22nd/September/’ 84 (27 years old)

Gender: Male


Caucasian, (Irish and Norwegian decent)


Somewhat friendly and selfless, paranoid of his past catching him, and will often try change the subject when questioned. He can lose his temper occasionally when pressed. Has tremendous amounts of energy, prefers to keep moving.


Born to a dysfunctional family in the economically poor Neilstown, Co. Dublin in 1986, Mike had to become the bread winner for his family at a very young age, working at his local shop at age 11. Mike was well liked in the area, and gained respect from the locals from a young age. He became an apprentice mechanic at 16, and worked in a garage for a number of years.

But, like so many others his age, Mike fell into insurmountable debt, trying to support his family, to local crime boss Brendan “Sharkey” Carroll. Mike was forced to hold a large stash of drugs in his home as a way of paying his debt. The next morning his door was smashed down by the special division of the Garda.

Mike fled to the county, hiding in an abandoned cottage in Co.Galway, learning to hunt game and support himself from the land. But it wasn’t long before “Sharkey” found out about his location. Mike returned home one night to find his new home aflame; and Sharkey and his men waiting for him. Mike ran, managing to lose Sharkey in the wild hills and brush of Co Galway. Mike managed to make it to a nearby port, and was thankfully welcomed aboard a small shipping vessel.

Mike never stayed in the same place for long, moving from ship to ship every time they made port. He soon found himself in Northern Europe, after being thrown overboard for fighting with the ship Captains brat of a son. It was here that Mike found out he had been framed by Sharkey as being the head of his criminal organisation, and was wanted throughout Europe.

Mike continued moving, avoiding large cities and living of wild game and occasionally stealing medicine’s and vegetables. Mike grew used to being hungry, cold and alone. Mike eventually settled in the wild hills North of Chernarus, oblivious to the epidemic to the south. Only when masses of evacuees began moving north, looking for some place of sanctuary, did Mike hear of what happened. It was hell to some, but for Mike, it was freedom. He was finally somewhere he could once again, call home.


• A somewhat decent mechanic, he has a working knowledge of automotive and nautical repair, but by no means an expert.

• A decent tracker and hunter, favours rifles over machine guns

• A hard man, having lived almost half his life in the wilds has bred Mike into hardier sort than most. A strong constitution and rarely sick, his only vice is tobacco, particularly Golden Virginia, he doesn’t enjoy this eastern European crap he’s been stuck with.


Not shy to breaking the law, but wouldn’t want to hurt people. He has run guns across borders, sold stolen merchandise and ripped off people, but he has never killed or hurt anyone that didn’t deserve it. He believes a man should be judged by his own merits, and not by the action of his peers.

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