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My RP in Myshkino.

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Hello all together,

My husband Brankor aka Chris Grau told me that some of you maybe felt “trolled” by my ingame behaviour. For example, showing “thumbs up” to Jerome. This really made me feel unconfident and unhappy.

First of all, I want to point out, that it never was my intent to be impolite or to behave improper and if somebody felt annoyed by my RP, I am really sorry about that.

Secondly, I am new to this game and new to Roleplay at all, but I really want to learn it, because I am fascinated about the story and also by the way you play your characters. I want to be part of this community and also I want to play with my husband together. Also I like this way of gaming and it makes a lot of fun to play a character story in this environment.

Of course to play and interact in my mother language – German – is easier for me, but I will do my best to use my average English skills.

I would appreciate any help or hints from you in game, e.g. via “ooc” info, if there are things, that are improper. Or just proposals to improve my RP skills.

Thirdly, you have to be aware, that in real life I´m a bit deaf and this makes it difficult for me to understand you sometimes. This is why my Char also will be deaf ingame, too.

Finally I want to say thank you for being honest to my husband and to inform him about this issue. And I will be happy about any further constructive criticism. This also is my understanding to treat each other as an adult.

Greets Tuktuk

PS: To be honest, yesterday after Chris told me this, I was crying a bit, because I was so sad. But maybe this is due to the fact that I am pregnant.

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Like Fridge said, You have to start somewhere and Chris is a pretty good Rper so if you stay by his side and Rp you should get the hang of it soon. Its good to know people are interested in our Rp. I have met you in-game and you were not too bad yet I only really talked to Chris but like I said, Stay by his side and you should get better in the future.

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  • Emerald

Hehehehehe :D When I met you 2 in standalone I had great fun. Don't get sad if you piss off some people :P It's how the game works. And don't be sad if you do, you can't be the nice person every time :D.

Also Congratulations!

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  • MVP

First off congratulations!

I don't really see an issue here, I wouldn't worry about it.

This ^^


We all make mistakes in the world of RP (believe me I have made a few) and if it was unintentional I don't think there is a need to apologise. I really wouldn't worry about it and it isn't worth being upset over.

You are doing the right thing in immersing yourself in RP to become a better RP'er. As the saying goes practice makes perfect and above all enjoy it!

Also congratulations.

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I'm sorry to hear, that I made you sad. I did not ment to be abusive, or anything. All what I wanted was your, and Chris good, because I know, how some people can be really... on to reporting someone, just because he is doing something odd. I wish, that you won't feel, like I think that what you and Chris are doing is wrong. RP'ing as deaf is hard thing to do, but I know some people who tried it. DayZ SA give you alot of possiblites for that, due to hand gests.

How people said, you need to start from some point. And any point is good. Miss, if you will ever want to ask about something, type to me on TS/Forum.

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Guest Mike Golf

Honestly, when I first started RPing through FPS I was in the same boat. It's worth sticking at it, it's great fun when done correctly. Everyone starts somewhere so stick to it, try singular, group, survivor, bandit all different variations of RP and you'll find what suits you best. Above all, it's just a game, don't take it too seriously and enjoy yourself.

Congratulations on the little one!


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Thank you for the nice feedback.

Looking forward to play with you. All good so far ;)

MfG Brankor & Tuktuk

PS: hormone-driven women, are sometimes a bit ... erm... well... fascinating ;) so everything is fine and we are looking forward to our third child.

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