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PID question


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Alright i found my character's folder in the arma2 profiles documents and i was wondering if i move that folder from this laptop that im playing on to the other computer that i sometimes play on will it make any complications or diferences?

What im asking is, will the PID stay the same if i copy that folder onto the other computer so i can play DayZRP there also?

Im asking this cus i will be erasing all data from this laptop in a month and buying a new one on which i will be playing DayZRP (cus the laptop that i am now playing on will be used for my dad's company as the official company computer).

I have asked a similar question before but i just wanna know if i move the player profile from the Arma2 documents files to the arma2doc files on the other computer will it mess up the pid or will it stay the same.

Thanks for the answer in advance

:) <3

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Well, it depends really, I'm not really 100% sure about this but if you are using the same copy of ArmA 2 with the same CD key on your computer and laptop, then you don't need to copy it over really, but I'm sure you could I guess.

All that them files are is just your in-game settings and your player profiles.

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She needs to copy the folder or else She will loose all of her characters, key-bindings, video settings etc. Of course she could just remake them but she may as well just copy them.

Let me fix that for you! :D

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There's more Orange here than a sale at Primark.

I like it. *writes down the joke for future use*

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