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The story of Mr.Jones

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Well it seams that you have found my book eh? well to tel you the troth i never graduated high school i went straight to the military i was accepted there and had become renowned for my marksmanship not i will tell you my life story.... Ive never told anyone about my story

I grew up in a place called Plainveiw in Texas it was a small town with about 15 thousand people i lived on a farm with my father and 2 brothers

my late brother named Robert Jones he gave me my old trusty hat the day he died my other brother.... he's a jerk i think he was mostly because of my mother not being around and my brother dieing My father was a stern man didnt care for people other than his kin my socially akward childhood years are but a vague memory now in junior high i met a man he told me " You have to accept whatever comes and the only important thing is that you meet it with courage and with the best that you have to give" That was a new start for me where i am now if im not already dead when your reading this im trying to head to my kin in Scotland but back to the story highschool was a bad time for me i was arrested for fighting this jack ass kid who was mugging my friend i ended up killing him in self defence i wasnt charged with anything though sence it was in self defence after that everyone stayed away from me i lost all my friends my father started drinking and my brother... had run off with some woman i hav no idea where he is now high school is where i met a woman who loved me she didnt think i was odd or insane we got married and had a son (Im not telling you there names so you cant find them) They are protected by the military at my farm.. skipping ahead several years i joined the military i got stationed in Afghanistan soon after that i was discharged for un nesesary bravery i saved 200 men that day and i got discharged for it after this i got hired by a private millitary group called the dusters we got hired to protect the borders here but as soon as we landed we where attacked by bandtis,and infected in the firefight one of my bullets hit the planes engine and blew up the plane i blacked out i woke on the beach in my underwear i slowley made my way back and found all my team dead.. after this i went into a short period of insanity i had gotten bite several times but never turned i had met a few scientists they said they would give me the results of my blood but i never saw them again i met some insane people i met some nice people i met blood thirsty bandits i couldnt stand it i left Chernarus and made it as far as Taviana with a few friends they where killed i was wounded badly after this i stayed in Chernarus for a few more months now i may already be close to scotland if im not already dead (the rest of the book is missing or coverd with blood)

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