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[Felix Valentine's Journal Entry #1]

Guest Phalix

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Well. It's been eventful since my departure of what I called home. The memories of that small home in Kamenka will always be burnt into the back of my skull.

I was told that keeping track of my life in a journal would help keep the sanity. I don't see it, but I guess it's worth a shot.

Well lets see, the first day out of my little house I called home for the most of my time since being here on this country. I left the house, being nervous because I saw a dead body of one of the infected. Normal people would be happy and relieved because there are people near. That's the exact opposite for me. I started my first few days with the fault of having no trust to any human. Carrying on. I left the small town, moved East, starring at the map the entire time. After what seemed like over an hour, I end up in my destination, Elektrovadosk.

Upon entering the town I do as any normal person would, get a weapon. I got a wood cutting hatchet and a Remington 1887 model with a few slugs. After a few minutes of me being in the town and getting essentials, like food and water, I hear a man speaking to it seemed another person. It came from the hospital. I hang around the outside to see if I can hear anything that may be important. I heard only one voice, speaking as if though it was a group of people talking.

As any curious teenager would do, I decide to look in the hospital, almost instantly the man with a face that indicated potential infection, proceeded to call me "Friend Who Speaks". The man was clearly insane, saying that "he was the voice and body, but "it" was the mind".

He was a strange man with no reasoning in anything his say, proceeded to call an ATV a "beast frog", calling the infected "Friend Who Don't Speak". We spent awhile in the hospital, then left on the ATV which a previous person brought to him. We spent an hour or so on the road, occasionally stopping to grab some things, but trying to speak to him was confusing and not worth the hassle.

I called this man what he called me "Friend Who Speaks". To the date of this entry he is one of the most trusted friends I've made.

The day after that, Friend Who Speaks was long gone. Where he buggered off to? No idea. Hope to meet him again in the near future. I ended up in the International Airport, seeing this group called 'DUTY', they seemed nice, they saved my life honestly. A group I should definitely keep an eye on.

I then met this man named Marley. We met in Stary Sobor. There was a large group of us at first, but it turned into only me and him. We repaired a vehicle that day and drove it to the infamous Prud camp. We definitely bonded in these times, between repairing a car, hiking along to the car, driving to the camp. I loved it. I felt something I haven't felt since my brothers.. departure. That feeling was care. I truly cared for this man I've only known for a few hours. We picked up one other ChernoRussian man and ended our journey in Prud. We spent some time there at night, met some decent people there, it was fun.

The ChernoRussian man and his friend was needing to pick up a friend of theirs who was far away. So, being nice guys, we say 'sure we'll drive you guys'. While getting in, an incident happened. A gun was clearly not on safety when one of the men entered the car...

Marley then proceeded to lay under the car. Panicked, I try to pull him out and try to aid him. I spent about 15 minutes, eagerly trying to save this man I called a friend. The other men at the camp, feeling pity, bluntly tell me he's dead. I knew this for a while, I just tried to force myself to think he was still breathing. They pulled me back and one of the men had to pull the car off of him. Saddening to watch, It truly made me choke up. We had one of the men there say a prayer, and then said we needed someone to, 'make sure he stayed dead', meaning we had to put a bullet in his head..

Why was I the idiot who had to play tough guy and be the one to make sure he stayed down. It wasn't the death, wasn't the fact I watched his body roll under a car, but me being the one who had to but lead inside of his cranium? That's what it was that killed me.

This man then patted me on the back, gave me a handshake and then told me to go to the fire, sit down, and look away. I should of done the last one. The man then took his oversize gutting knife, and then broke his spine with it, using one quick strike. The crunching sound was awful...

I didn't sleep at all that night. It rained, the camp was quiet. It just made it all worse.. This would be the first, but not nearly the last horrible day on Chernarus.

Until later


//Sorry if it seems really long, boring, and run-on. Just wanted something to occupy my mind. Criticism please?

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  • Sapphire

//Sorry if it seems really long, boring, and run-on. Just wanted something to occupy my mind. Criticism please?

It isnt! there are longer things out there dont worry and its actually nice to read.

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