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Role Playing a cannibal

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As the Hatches does about 4500 damage wherever you hit, it might cause problems.. ^^

But, from what I've understood by the rules, if you've abductes/kidnapped someone, and he's complying, you can cause damage on him, just as long as you restore his original health. And you can't break his legs leaving him somewhere. That will be treated as RDM.


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i would be impressed with we had an in-game option to eat corpses. as far as i understanding in real life doing so causes trembling in the hands. since we already get that from pain i cant see it being hard to add. restore your food bar at the expense of not aiming well plus a chance for infection. since illness is also a concern in RL.

MMmmmm. chunky butt for breakfast, fapcake for lunch, and jugs for dinner. a wholesome diet for the man eat man in you.

Almost directly quoted from reddit


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Speaking about cannibalism, shouldn't they put a cannibalism mechanic in the game? Think about it this way: You're desperate, supplies are low, and there's this dead guy in front of you and you're stuck in a wasteland. Shouldn't it make sense for you to be able to eat him?

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