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Adrik Stepanov's Journal

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Adrik was suddenly woken by voices, grabbing his gun he jumped to his feet, ready to open fire on anything that approached him. The voice was heard again, and to Adrik's relief it came from his radio.

"Adrik, are you there comrade? Over."

Adrik rustled around in his backpack, looking for his radio. He found the radio and spoke into it.

"Yes, comrade I am awake. Over"

"Adrik, we need you to return to Russia, we have work here for you that you would be better suited for. We have a helicopter on the way to pick you up, they will be at your location in roughly 2 hours. Over".

"Yes sir, can do. Over,"

"Good, we look forward to your return. Over and out"

Adrik lay down, relieved that he would be leaving this hell hole. Hopefully the infection hasn't hit Russia yet. Adrik gathered all his belongings, shoved them into his backpack and waited for the helicopter to arrive.

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#hype! :D

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